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Academic Events

School of Sports Science and Physical Education's 2020 summer social practice mobilization meeting was successfully held

On the evening of 6/July, the summer social practice mobilization meeting organized by Youth League Committee of School of Sports Science and Physical Education was held online. The meeting was presided over by Cao Cui, secretary of the 1801 Youth League branch of undergraduates, and all students of Class 2022 and Class 2023 participated in the meeting.

At the beginning, the host Cao Cui introduced the purpose of this mobilization meeting, which is to enable everyone more fully understand and better carry out social practice activities. Then she gave students the introduction from four aspects—the importance of social practice, the types of social practice, how to carry out social practice well and the summary of social practice activities. She highlighted the principle of topic selection that the topic should be according to their own interests, be feasible, innovative, scientific, and professional. She also mentioned some specific steps in the process of practical activities and the collection and sorting of materials during the activities.

The mobilization meeting ended with online question and answer. Many students raised questions and doubts about this summer social practice and got answers.

The purpose of this mobilization meeting is to increase the enthusiasm of students to participate in summer social practice and make students draw more experience and better complete summer social practice activities. The effect of the mobilization meeting is very significant. At present, our school has reported 36 social practice projects. It is hoped that the students will carry out the practice seriously and make great contribution to the summer social practice activities of our school.