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Take Actions to Realize Your Responsibilities and Let Sports Protect Your Health—the work documentary of the student work team of School of Sports Science and Physical Education of NNU who is fighting against the epidemic


Since the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, eight teachers from the student work team of School of Sports Science and Physical Education of our school have carefully implemented the deployment of the school and the college on epidemic prevention and control, exerted their academic strengths and professional expertise, actively assisted the school's epidemic prevention and control, effectively realized our college’s important role of sports education and health assistance, and tried their best to protect students' physical health and life safety.


In group chats and videos, the student work team of our college shows they are brave to take responsibility. During the epidemic, Hu Fengfei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the college, was responsible for overall coordination. Eight teachers worked together to do a good job for 848 undergraduates and postgraduates, and timely organized students to study The Handbook on Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia in Jiangsu Universities and 50 Questions on Knowledge of Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia in schools, and all students were covered without any omission. Counselors and class teachers took the initiative to care for students, holding video conferences and talking with students, to keep abreast of students’ information of staying at home. At the same time, the student team innovated work ideas, gave full play to their professional characteristics and sports expertise, organized students to keep fitness exercises at home. Classes suspended but learning continues. On the one hand, Chen Jing, the former national gymnastics team member and the class teacher of students of Class 2020, Guo Cheng, the former national badminton team member and the class teacher of students of Class 2021, Yang Kai, the track and field national athlete, the class teacher of students of Class 2022, and Xu Jianan, the track and field national athlete, these four class teachers took the lead in recording more than 150 videos with students, which instruct teachers and students at home and in school to exercise. Videos are published on the school's official website, Douyin and other platforms, with more than 300,000 views. This event was reported and reposted by the National University Ideological and Political Work Net, the Official Douyin account of the Ministry of Education's Chinese University Student Online and other media. In addition, the student work team of our college held the cheerleading competition “Rhythmic Youth · Exercising to fight against the epidemic” of the postgraduate work office’s “Technology and Culture Month” event. Ma Xiaoyan, the counselor of postgraduates, carefully and responsibly finished the work of pre-planning, online registration, answering questions and guidance, successfully completing all tasks.

At the entrance of the school and in the dormitory, the student work team of our college shows they dare to take responsibility. During the course of returning to school, eight counselors and class teachers devoted themselves to welcoming students back to school. During the student's return to school, several counselors and class teachers worked more than 16 hours every day, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., they provided point-to-point serve for the returning students, carefully identified the hidden danger in the dormitory, conducted the registration of returning students’ information, monitored students’ health and so on. They talked with students in detail to understand the students’ conditions of protection and living, and guided students to make study plans after returning to school. They urged students to clean the dormitories, maintain a strong awareness of safety precautions, and create a good learning and living environment, to devote themselves to the study of the new semester with a better spiritual outlook. Seeing that teacher volunteers have a heavy task in receiving returning students, Bao Han, secretary, and Zheng Weiping, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee, immediately took action, and organized 172 volunteers from SSSPE to assist teacher volunteers at Gate 1 to deliver the baggage of returning students. Their total service time is 688 hours, and they successfully completed the service task arranged by the school. The student workers of SSSPE used actual actions to show the sportsman's spirit—dashing, real and energetic.

On the playgrounds and at the dormitory buildings, the student work team of our college shows they are good at taking responsibility. After students returned to school, relying on the strength of high-level teachers and athlete volunteers of SSSPE, the student work office organized an after-class fitness activity—"healthy campus·exercising to fight against the epidemic" for the undergraduates of the whole school. With the support of Wang Qingjun, the deputy dean of undergraduate teaching, the student work team coordinated and organized 28 PE teachers such as Han Fangting of the University Sports Department to connect with other colleges in the way of "one person, one college" and "one person, one item", and guided the colleges to carry out after-class fitness activities. The students used local materials in the courtyard of the dormitory building, turning the iron fence into the badminton net, drying racks into football gates, and futon mats into exercise mats. Students in various colleges used special "sports equipment" for fitness programs such as football, volleyball, fancy rope skipping, aerobic yoga, and badminton. Suddenly, the sports trend in dormitory buildings quickly sprang up. Teacher Chen Jing, Guo Cheng, Yang Kai, and Xu Jianan even took part in the battle personally, and relied on the "yiban " platform to carry out special fitness instruction courses, such as fancy rope skipping, cheerleading, and aerobics. Due to the limited number of people, the registration was extremely hot, and the class quota of the four class teachers was filled within a few tens of seconds after the registration was begun, and every course was full of students. Up to now, the page views of the "yiban" platform have reached 4706 person-times, and that of the signature wall has reached 562 person-times. Teachers have been carried out "small class teaching"18 times, and nearly 600 students have participated.

The emergence of this Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia has made teachers and students have a deeper understanding and higher pursuit of health, and the whole society has begun to face, pay attention to, value, and examine the value of sports. Based on the school's health construction, the student work team of SSSPE of our school will also continue to fulfill the responsibility of sports education and health assistance with actions, offer good service to improve the physical health of teachers and students in the school, and make sportsmen’s contribution to the first-class disciplines and high-level university construction of our school.