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Academic Events

The first faculty meeting was held in the spring semester of 2020

After a very special and longest winter vacation in history, thanks to the concerted efforts in China to fight the epidemic, teachers and students of School of Sports Science and Physical Education returned to school safely and successfully . In order to summarize the progress since the winter vacation, and to arrange work of the epidemic prevention and career development in the new semester, on the afternoon of May 13, the first faculty and staff meeting  in the spring semester of 2020 was held in the lecture hall. All faculty and staff attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Feng Xu, secretary of the college party committee.

Feng Xu briefed the conference on the overall situation of the college's epidemic prevention and control. Xu pointed out that since its outbreak, the college has responded promptly, earnestly implemented the decisions and arrangements of the central government, the provincial party committee and the university, mobilized people to fight the epidemic,making epidemic prevention and control an important political task of the college and a top priority for the safety of teachers and students.

We set up a leading team, established and improved channels for the prevention and control of the epidemic, and strengthened the comprehensive control and elimination of office buildings and stadiums. Teachers, students and party members made donations, and did a good job in the reception of students at the beginning of the semester.

Xu spoke highly of the selfless dedication of the faculty and students in the prevention and control of the epidemic. He hoped that all faculty and staff could further improve their understanding of the current situation, continue to do a good job in personal protection, and complete high-quality education and teaching on the premise of meeting the epidemic prevention and control requirements.

The year 2020 is not only the historical convergence period of the country's "two centenary goals", but also the year of the completion of the "13th five-year plan" and the year of the "14th five-year plan". Several important tasks of the college in 2020 are being organized and carried out with the full strength of the college.


Dean ZhiDong Chu reported to the general assembly the important work of the college in 2020, and focused on the school the fifth round of discipline evaluation, sports teachers' professional certification, the 20th anniversary, the boost of advantage disciplines such as intermediate inspection work situation. He called on the faculty and staff to focus on prevention and control and development , fulfill their duties according to the work arrangement of the college, strive to win the victory of epidemic and complete the tasks in 2020 as scheduled.

Fengfei Hu, deputy secretary of the college party committee, made a report to the conference on the students' ideological trends, students' returning to school and student management since the winter vacation. Hu fengfei pointed out that as a result of the epidemic, some students could not return to school smoothly, their study was affected and their employment was facing challenges. He hoped that all teachers could pay more attention to students and provide necessary help for their study and employment as much as possible.


At the meeting, Feng Xu announced the position adjustment of some cadres. Hongbing Wang was appointed deputy director of the department of physical education; Cheng Guo was appointed as the secretary of the sports committee of the university; Weiping Zheng was appointed deputy secretary of the college youth league committee.

This meeting was held at a critical stage of epidemic prevention and control after the teachers and students returned to school. It is conducive to the faculty and staff to unify their thoughts, clearly define the goals,understand the situation and overcome difficulties. It is believed that with the full cooperation of the faculty and staff, all the work will be carried out in an orderly manner, finally reaching a new stage in the future.