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Academic Events

The Jiangsu University Student Track and Field Championship

After two days fierce competition,the Jiangsu University Student Track and Field Championshipheld by NJCITwas successfully completed on the afternoon of May 28. Led by teachers Zhang Dexin, HLiping, Yang kai and XJianan, the high-level track and field team of NNU has ranked the second place in the group competition and totally got five champions, seven second places and five third places respectively !

Zhou Ying, grade 2017, won the women’s 100m champion with her personal best score 1187. Li Junshuai, grade 2015, defended his men's decathlon title again. Zeng Zhi, grade 2017 won the women's shot put championship with a score of 13 "84. Zhao Weijian and Yu Xiaoyi, 2019 graduate studentshave won the men's 400m hurdles with a time of 53 "29 and successfully achieved dominance in the men's 5000m program with a score of 15 '39 "01.