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Academic Events

The lecture “theory and practice of authentication of physical education” was successfully held in our college

On 13/June, 2019, the lecture “theory and practice of authentication of physical education” was successfully held in Room 101 of our college. Daijun, the president of Institute of Physical Culture, Yancheng Teachers University,gave the speech.


At first, Daijun introduced the general condition of authentication of physical education. He pointed out that the guiding ideology is that we should comprehensively implement the Party’s educational policy and fulfill the fundamental task of setting high moral values and cultivating students, so as to build the certification system of construction of teachers’ education quality with Chinese characteristics at world level. We also should promote construction, reform and improvement through teaching assessment, and enhancing the training quality , providing strong support for the training of  high-quality, professional and innovative teachers with whom the party and people are satisfied. Meanwhile, Daijun mentioned that authentication should target on students, and its basic principle should be output orientated and continual improvement.


The Student Center emphasized to follow the law of the growth and development of normal school students, to take normal school students as the focus of allocating educational resources, organizing courses and implementing teaching process.  Also, it should take the learning effect of normal school students as the orientation of output, evaluating the training quality of normal schools graduates according to the requirements of core competence. Continuous improvement will put emphasis on all-round and whole-process evaluation of the teaching of teacher-training specialty and applies the evaluation results to the teaching reform, so as to promote the continuous improvement of the training quality of teacher-training specialty. Dai Jun summed up the concept of professional certification of Physical Education.