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The prefix of glorious life - "China's female volleyball team"丨Upward Power

There is a spirit called the spirit of China's female volleyball team ". They have no upper limit when standing on the top of the world, and never stop to break through when they encounter difficulties.

On February 3, 2018, she officially announced her retirement, ending her twelve-year sports career. Although she has left the field, volleyball has become an important part of her life. Her image as a role model has rooted the spirit of China's female volleyball team in the mind of every Chinese. Today we are going to listen to the story of Hui Ruoqi, the " volleyball girl". Hui Ruoqi's lowest point of life was the week before the 2015 World Cup. She was suddenly diagnosed with idiopathic ventricular tachycardia and required surgery. On the day of the operation, the doctor made a small opening from her thigh, slowly inserted a tube, and inserted it all the way to the heart. Her heart bounced spontaneously, reaching 250 times per minute at the fastest time. An extreme situation even occurred during the operation, and she only survived after an electric shock.

Less than two months after returning to the stadium, fate again joked with her, - the injury recurred again. At that time, it was less than five months from the arrival of the Olympic Games, and this competition may also be her last chance to compete. She said what she hadn't thought about through her life: "I may not be able to hold on this time."

Behind the hard training, what an athlete is waiting for is the most coveted arena. Chief coach Lang took her hand and said, "We still have time. If your dream is still in that place, you may fight for it one more time, as long as there is one per cent hope!" She is such tough volleyball girl. She practices volleyball for many years, spends more time apart than together from her family and often practices late at night. Once she had to be hit with seven steel nails on her shoulder due to dislocation, but she did not flinch. She loves volleyball so much, how can she give up easily?

Two days after her birthday, she underwent a second operation, "I want to be able to seize the one per cent hope and use one hundred per cent effort to make everything possible." Fortunately, she recovered. Two weeks after the operation, she stood on the field again. She said: "I want to make myself a normal person first, and then become an athlete again." Finally, at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016, Hui Ruoqi and her teammates successfully stood on the highest podiumLooking at the rising national flag, she burst into tears. Recall that China's female volleyball team defeated the host Japan team 3-2 in the third World Cup volleyball game and won the first world championship, the people of the whole country boiled; recalled that 39 years have passed, this glorious strugglers in the team have never relaxed their demands for themselves because of the high light or the low, and have always turned their sense of mission and honor into eternal faith. She said: "What is important is not the glory brought by the gold medal, but the spirit of China's female volleyball team, the power of dreams and the energy of sports. They are the last straw on the thorny road, the firm courage when life is frustrated, and the motivation to start again and never forget the original intention. "Now, Hui Ruoqi has a new identity-the sponsor of the Hui Fund Sports Charity Project. In 2019, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League has dispatched sports support teachers to the western region in conjunction with the Hui Fund. In the next ten years, she believes that through volleyball, children can grow healthily with more confidence, courage, and unity. She said: "Everyone is interpreting different struggles and perseverance, just like the spirit of China's female volleyball team. It belongs not only to that glorious collective, but also to every dream chaser."