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Academic Events

The Selection of Science Research Subjects of Postgraduates Majoring in Sports Science | Researches which make sense & Appointments between master and doctor candidates.

On 6/November, 2020, the first academic seminar between masters and doctors 下面自行修改吧was held in the meeting room on the second floor of our college. The theme was “the selection of scientific research subjects of postgraduates majoring in sports science”. The forum was lectured by the PhD student Tao Enhai and presided over by the chairman of Graduate Student Union Zou Fukai. The PhD students enrolled in 2020 Lu Yan, Ding Shengwei, Yang Jixing, Hu Xuan and part of postgraduates enrolled in 2020 paticipated in the forum.

First of all, Dr. Tao 千万不能说是Dr. 只有通过答辩才是现在还是博士生 Enhai shared something about the topic selection. He thought that topics come from the following aspects. First, topics come from personal experience, tutors’ projects, current hotspots, references to the theoretical methods of other disciplines and the self-understanding of academic issues. Students also should pay attention to that their topics should be consistent with their tutors’ research direction. Second, topics should accord with their own research interests and specialties. Third, topics should be conformable to their own research capabilities. Fourth, students should have new methods, new theories, new materials and new points of view. Finally, students should emphasize communication and exchange. Meanwhile, they should expand the depth of their topic content. Then, Tao Enhai, Lu Yan, Ding Shengwei, Yang Jixing, Hu Xuan and other doctors answered the relevant questions raised by the students present, and carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions.

This academic salon encouraged the collision of academic thoughts of masters and doctors in our college, propelled our graduate students’ development in the direction of high-quality and high-level scientific researches, and also promoted the learning and academic atmosphere of the entire college.