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Two models, two promises. I want to tell you the story of their fight against the epidemic (2)

In the face of the violent epidemic, all people in China are impressed. However, there is such a group of people who are going upstream and voluntarily rushing to the front line of the anti-epidemic defense. Among these front-line fighters, there are many students of our college. If the epidemic is an important exam, the students in our college have used their actual actions to hand in a perfect answer. Next, let's hear their stories!


Her name is Wang Rui, an activist of Party membership of the 2017 graduate class of Nanjing Normal University College of Physical Education. When the epidemic broke out, it was in the winter vacation when her paper was about to be submitted. Time was tight and task was hard. Even in this special period, after learning that the local community residents committee was organizing university student volunteers to fight the epidemic, she signed up as a volunteer immediately to fight the disease. Every day, with community volunteers, she set up checkpoints on urban arterial roads, sterilized passing vehicles, issues passes, and posted announcements. At the same time, she also sent living materials for isolated residents and conducted surveys of floating population. The cold winter night was long, and the severe epidemic was worrying. But seeing those compatriots with ardent expectations returning home safely with their help, her heart was filled with pride and satisfaction. During the epidemic situation, she chose to join the front line of prevention and control of epidemic disease, and fulfilled her original mission, fully demonstrating the responsibility of a contemporary graduate student.


His name is Zhang Xianlin, the squad leader of Class 1704 of the College of Sports Science of Nanjing Normal University. After the epidemic, an activist of Party membership, he actively contacted the local community and hoped to become a volunteer to fight the epidemic. Zhang Xianlin lives in Xiaozhi Town and Shengyuan Community, Pingyin County, Jinan City, Shandong Province. The community is located at the junction of Jinan City and Tai’an City with more than 7000 residents. The gathering of life and the complicated traffic environment have brought great problems to the "anti-epidemic defense ". Zhang Xianlin took the initiative to join the "He Sheng Family" love service team and ran on the forefront to fight the epidemic. Under the leadership of the village committee, as a member of the caring service team, he has been doing his due diligence from strict inspection of foreign personnel, to patrols in the community to persuade villagers to isolate the house, and to spray disinfectant and other services. On February 14th, the Working Group on the Treatment of New Coronavirus in Jinan City decided to conduct an online survey and registration of the population of the city. Speed is the soldier's asset. After receiving the notice, Zhang Xianlin organized volunteers to register online that very night with all local residents and completed them on February 15th, with extremely high efficiency. From actively contacting the community to join the volunteer service to complete - no one in the Shengyuan community is infected with the new coronavirus, the efforts of volunteers such as Zhang Xianlin were recognized by the town committee. He said: "It is my unshirkable responsibility to take part in the work of fighting the epidemic in my hometown!"


With the joint efforts of the whole country and the broad masses of the people, the situation of national epidemic prevention and control continues to improve, and the situation of accelerated recovery of production and living order has been continuously consolidated and expanded. At the same time, positive results have been achieved in the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and the development of economic society. In this war without smoke, we will remember these most beautiful retrogrades, who came forward in the battle against the epidemic, with a dedicated heart, with their own strength, protected thousands of millions of people. They are models for young students to learn!