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Academic Events

Zhang Changning conveyed the spirit of "two sessions" for teachers and students of School of Sports Science and Physical Education in NNU

On the afternoon of June 23, School of Sports Science and Physical Education held a report meeting on studying and implementing the spirit of the national "two sessions". Zhang Changning, a NPC deputy, the women's volleyball Olympic champion, and the graduate student of Class 2021 of our school made a special report through the online video and communicated with the teachers and students of the school. All party members and activists of the school participated in the meeting.

Zhang Changning conveyed the spirit of the third session of the 13th National People's Congress in her report. It is an important meeting held at the critical moment when our country’s epidemic prevention and control have achieved significant strategic achievements, and our country is giving overall consideration to epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. It reflects the confidence and determination to overcome the impact of the epidemic risk and the difficulties and obstacles of economic and social development, and conveys a strong signal that the Chinese Communist Party has been leading the Chinese people in marching forward come rain or shine. During this year's two sessions, Zhang Changning submitted recommendations on further strengthening the construction of high-level sports teams in normal colleges and universities. At the report meeting, Zhang Changning interpreted her proposal to teachers and students of our school. She said that she is the beneficiary of "the integration of sports and education". "During my growth, I have received a complete education in the education system. In Nanjing Normal University, I studied the courses including sports injury and prevention. The knowledge is very helpful to my usual training and competition." After the report, the students communicated with Zhang Changning about their concerns.

Professor Chu Zhidong, Zhang Changning's master tutor had a video link with her. Chu Zhidong highly appreciated Zhang Changning's proposals in this year's "two sessions" and hoped that Zhang Changning would work hard, avoid injuries and diseases, and win honor for the motherland at the Tokyo Olympics. Chu Zhidong encouraged Zhang Changning to actively think and explore social issues in sports after training and competitions to prepare for the proposal and writing of postgraduate dissertation. He also hoped that on this basis, Zhang Changning can give full play to her own influence, and contribute “the NNU power” to the cultivation of backup talents for youth competitive sports and the improvement of the national physical fitness level.

Xu Feng, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School, made a concluding speech. Xu Feng fully affirmed the wonderful sharing made by Zhang Changning and hoped that all students would follow the example of Zhang Changning and work hard under the guidance of the spirit of women's volleyball team, striving to grow into the high-level sports talents who have great professional skills and outstanding comprehensive quality. Xu Feng pointed out that this report meeting would be of great significance to the teachers and students of the school to deeply understand and accurately grasp the spirit of the “two sessions”, and all teachers and students of the school should learn well, publicize well, and implement well the spirit of the national “two sessions”, taking on new mission and display new achievement in the new era.