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Jiali Wang Professor

Research Interests: 
Calisthenics teaching and training; Early childhood physical education

MA, Physical Education and Training, Soochow University,(2006)

BA, Physical Education and Training, Nanjing Normal University ,(1989)

Research Interests

Calisthenics teaching and training; Early childhood physical education

Research Projects

  1. Research On the Improvement Effect of Movement Skill On the Physical Health of Young Children

  2. The Experimental Study On the Introduction of Children Happy Gymnasticst into Classroom Teaching, Project of Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau, No. TY8120

Journal Articles

1. On The Cultivation of Students' Teaching and Curriculum Development Ability from the Perspective of Multiple Intelligences Theory, Journal of Physical Education, 2009(11)

2. New View of Aerobics Teaching Evaluation: Multi Intelligence, Journal of Beijing University of Physical Education ,2008(7)

3. The Effect of Infant Gymnastics Training on Improving Children's Sensory Function and Physical Quality, Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 2010(4)

4. The Reconstruction of Infant Physical Education from the Perspective of Zone of Proximal Development, Journal of Nanjing Sport Institute ,2010(6)

5. An Experimental Study On Setting Up Infant Physical Education Course Separately, Journal of Shenyang Institute of Physical Education ,2010(05)


Fixed phone:+86-025-86201995

Mobile phone:13951825130