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Liang Gao Professor


Educational Background

PhD, Science Of Ethnic Traditional Sports, Beijing Sport University (2008)

MA, Physical Education Major ,Anhui Normal University (1999)

BA, Physical Education Major , Anhui Normal University(1996)

Research project

(1) Healthy Mind Thought of Fitness Qigong and Its Research on Healthy Heart Effect on the Aged, the National Philosophy and Social Science Planning Office,2013-2015

(2) Research on Folk Sports in Jiangsu,Philosophy and Social Science Planning Office of Jiangsu Province2012-2014

(3) A theoretical and Empirical Study on Health Qigong Promoting the Aged Health, General Administration of Sport of China, 2014-2016

(4) Healthy Mind Thought of Fitness Qigong and Its Research on Healthy Heart Effect on the Aged, General Administration of Sport of China, 2010-2012

(5) Study on Physical Fitness of Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools in Jiangsu Province, Sports Bureau of Jiangsu Province, 2009-2011

(6) the Best Motivation Theory of Anticipating College Students’ Martial Arts Learning Achievements and Research on Its Stimulation, Martial Arts Management Center of General Administration of Sport of China, 2010-2011

(7) Research on Jiangsu Province New and Better Keep-Fit Exercises Project, Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Jiangsu Province, 2010-2012 ;

(8) Research on the Development of Chinese Martial Arts Professional Events, China Sports Science Society, 2011-2012

(9) Study on the Change of Leisure Style of Urban Residents and the Inheritance of Folk Sports in South Of Jiangsu, Sports Culture Research Base of General Administration of Sport of China, 2012-2014

(10) Research on Chinese Market Demand of Martial Arts, Department of Sports of Jiangsu Province, 2016-2016

(11) A theoretical and Empirical Study on Health Qigong Promoting the Aged Health, Fitness Qigong Management Center of General Administration of Sport of China, 2014-2015

Journal Articles

(1)Thoughts on the Teaching of Physical Education Theory Course in Colleges and Universities Under the Credit System,Journal of Beijing Sport Universty,2004

(2)Credit Martial Arts and Its related Concept,Sports Culture Guide,2007

(3)Characteristics of the intelligence of excellent male Sanda players and its evaluation standard,Journal of Physical Education,2008

(4)Time and Space Characteristics 0f Game Scoring By Excellent Male Sanda Players in China,Journal of Physical Education,2009

(5)A Study on Characteristics of Operational Thinking of Elite Male Sanda Athletes in China and Evaluation,Journal of Capital Institute of Physical Education,2009

(6)Research on Utilization of Step in Grabbing and Guarding with Striking Back for Our Elite Male Sanda Athlete, China sport science and technology,2009

(7)A Study on Morphologic Mode of Chinese Elites Sanda Athletes,Journal of Beijing Sport Universty,2009

(8)Status quo and countermeasures for fist and lei attack technical penalty in Sanda,Journal of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,2010

(9)Physical Quality Mode of Chinese Elite Men‘s Sanda Sportsmen,Journal of XI'AN Physical Education University,2010

(10)Psychological Personality Characteristics of Chinese Elite Male Wushu Sanda Athletes,Journal of Southwest University for Nationalities,2010

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(19)The Investigation of the Effect of Health Qigong on Delaying the Mental Decline of Old eople,Sports Culture Guide,2013

(20)Reaction ability of Chinese elite male sanda athletes,Shandong Sports Science &T technology,2013

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(25)An Investigation of the Effect of Physical Exercise on Elder People’s Aging Sense,China sport science and technology,2015

(26)Investigation of the Relationship between Physical Exercise              Self-testing Health of the Elderly,Journal of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,2015

(27)Luoshan Dragon:the Inheritance and Development of Village Dragon Dance,Journal of Nanjing Sport Institute,2015

(28)A Study on the Classification,Characteristics and Inheritance                  of Nanjing Folk Sports,Journal of Nanjing Sport Institute,2015

(29)Jiangpu Hand Lion Dance:Its Modernization and Inspirations              to the Inheritance of Folk Sports , Journal of Nanjing Sport Institute,2015

(30)An experimental study of the effect of fitness qigong for the elderly depression and anxiety,Journal of Shandong Sport University,2016

(31)Investigation and analysis of loneliness in old people in physical exercise,China journal Sports Med,2016

(32)Effect of Qigong intervention on body self--esteem of different health level elderly, Journal of Shandong Sport University,,2016

(33)The Influence of Physical、psychological and social Health for the Elderly Score in Nanjing City,Journal of Sports and Science,2016


(1)Research on the Characteristics and Evaluation of Competitive Ability of Elite Sanda Athletes in China, Beijing Sport University Press, 2010

(2)Research on Folk Sports in Jiangsu, Hehai University Press, 2016

Research Awards

(1) He was selected as Jiangsu Province “The Blue Project” outstanding teacher in 2012.

(2) He was selected to Nanjing Norma University youth leading talent “the 100-Talent Program”

(3) Research on the Characteristics and Evaluation of Competitive Ability of Elite Sanda Athletes in China won the Jiangsu Provincial Social Science Award three in 2014.

 (4) He was selected to Jiangsu Province “the blue project” academic leaders.

Academic Titles

(1) Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu Fitness Qigong Association

(2) principal of theory of sports pedagogy and training master degree program in Nanjing Normal University

(3) Jiangsu Province Health Qigong Dan Promotion expert group members

(4) Peer reviewer of core journals of sports