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Qingjun Wang Professor

Research Interests: 
Sports communication;Sports culture anthropology;Sports semiotics;College sports

Educational Background
Bachelor, Sports Education,Nanjing Normal University(1990-1995)

   Journalist,"Century Style" Magazine, Jiangsu Provincial(1995-1996)

   Teaching Assistant,Department of Public Sports,Nanjing Normal University(1996-2002)

   Instructor, College of Sports Science,Nanjing Normal University(2002-2008)

   Master,Journalism,Nanjing Normal University(2004-2007)

   Associate Professor,College of Sports Science,Nanjing Normal University(2008-2013)

   Master Tutor, College of Sports Science,Nanjing Normal University(2009-)

   Doctor,Journalism,Nanjing Normal University(2008-2015)

   Professor,College of Sports Science,Nanjing Normal University(2013-)

   Doctoral Supervisor, College of Sports Science,Nanjing Normal University(2014-)
  Research Interests:

  Sports communication;Sports culture anthropology;Sports semiotics;College sports
  Research Projects:

 Sports Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Project of General Adminstration of Sport of China:Theoretical Construction and Practical Research of Sports Communication in”Internet   Plus”Era(2016)

Research on National Social Science Fund Project:International Communication of Chinese Traditional Sports in”Internet Plus”Era(2016)
  Journal Articles

(1)Virtual Carnival:The Normal Form of TV Sports Communication in the Consumption Era, Journal of Physical Education,2011(01)

(2)Cross-Cultural Dialogue:The Barriers and Exceeding of Chinese Traditional Sports Internationalization,China Sport Science,2010(06)

(3)An Analysis of Nanjing Candidate City Video for the Youth Olympic Games 2014 Bid in a Visual Culture Horizon,Sports & Science,2010(06)

(4)Take the Pulse of Conspiracy Symbiosis of TV Sports and Consumerism in Media Era,Journal of Nanjing Institute of Physical Education(Social Science),2010(05)

(5)Youth Olympic Communication:Media in Our Country Faces Internal Contradictions and Countermeasures,Journal of Nanjing Institute of Physical Education(Social Science),2010(03)

(6)Contemplation of Traditional Sport Going into Media in China——Taking "Wulin Assembly" on CCTV-5 for Example,Journal of Physical Education,2009(04)

(7)The Historical Tragedy of the Collision of Local and Foreign Sports——Thinking of the Boisterous in Modern Sports and the Science in Traditional Sports,Journal of Shandong Institute of Physical Education and Sports,2009(11)

(8)Media:the Survival Path of Traditional Sports Culture in China,China Television,2009(05)

(9)Analysis of the False Sports News,Sports Culture Guide,2008(12)

(10)From Ritual to Consumption:a Cultural Interpretation of Sports Meaning Production by TV Media,Journal of Physical Education,2012(06)

(11)Focusing on Nanjing Youth Olympic Games (YOG) and Discussion on Sports Value——the Forum on Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and the Chinese Sports Development in Post-Olympics China, Sports & Science,2011(04)

(12)From “the Whole Nation System” to “Chinese Model”:Theoretical Demand Space of Chinese Sports System——A Summary of the Forum ”Sports System Transition and Chinese Sports in the Future”, Sports & Science,2013(01)

(13)Coupling of Sports and Science——Sports Science Research Benefitting Sports Power an Exclusive Interview with JIANG Zhi-xue,the Secretary of Science and Education Division,the State General Administration of Sport, Sports & Science,2013(01)

(14)Feeling the Pulse of Chinese Sports:the Present Problems and the Demand of Countermeasures——An Exclusive Interview with the Sports Sociologist Professor Lu Yuan-zhen, 2013(03)

(15)From the Scene to the TV:The Value Analysis of Sports Audience Development and Commercialization,Sports & Science,2015(05)

(16)The Problems Existing in Sports Communication,Contemporary Communication,2008(03)

(17)Analysis of the Relationship Form of Media and Sports at Present,Journal of Shandong Institute of Physical Education and Sports,2007(06)

(18)The Missing of the Professional Sports Education in Our Country at Present From the Perspective of Communication,Journal of Shandong Institute of Physical Education and Sports,2008(03)

(19)Self-awareness in and Development Measures for Media Sports Communication in              China under the Background of Media Globalization,Journal of Physical Education,2008(01)

(20)Legal Responsibility Dialysis of Manufacturing and Spreading False Sports News,Journal of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,2008(01)

(21)Disadvantages of TV Sports at Present,Journal of Physical Education,2007(05)

(22)Attaches Great Importance to the Migrant Workers Health Practical Books Published, Publishing Journal,2007(07)

(23)Revised Sport: The Present Phenomenon of Sports Media,Journal of Chengdu Sport University,2007(09)

(24)The Problems Existing in the Sports News Spreading and Thinking,Media Observer,2007(12)

(25)Sexualized Narrative in TV Sports under the Consumerism Ideology,Journal of China Women's University,2015(12)


(1)Celebrating Youth,Passionate Asia——The second Asian Youth Games Booklets

Academic Title
Committee of Sports Journalism and Communication Branch of Chinese Sports Institute
Committee of Professional Committee of Sports Humanities in Jiangsu Province