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Tongji Liu Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
School physical education; Science Of Ethnic Traditional Sports

Educational Background:

MA,Joetsu University of Education(1999)

Aichi University of Education(1997)

    BA, Physical Education Major, Nanjing Normal University ,(1994)

   Research Interests:  school physical education; Science Of Ethnic Traditional Sports

   Research Projects:

  1. A comparative study on the training mechanism of the football players in China and Japan
  2.  Study on the application of the synchronized skipping rope in University Sports

Journal Articles:

  1.The Research Into the Training Mechanism of Japanese Football Players, Sports Culture Guide,2011(9)

  2.Research into the Training Mode of Japanese U15 Football Players, Journal of Sports and Science,2012(6)

  3.A Feasibility Study into the Involvement of Fancy Rope Jumping in Sports Curriculum of Colleges And Universities  in China, Sports Culture Guide,2014(2)

  4. An Analysis of the Elements of Arrangement of the Performance of Fancy Rope Skipping, Guizhou sports science and technology,2014(2)