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Yingga A Professor

Academic Area: 
Physical education and Sport
Research Interests: 
  • Research on the positioning of the government's public sports service function in the background of the construction of sports power
  • Research on the characteristics of sports life of excellent athletes in China's Olympic Games
  • Research on the mechanism of normalization and benefit compensation of domestic sports assistance

Name:Yingga A


Educational Background
PhD, Education, Shanghai University of Sport (2008)
MA, Education, Shanghai University of Sport (1985)
BA, Education Jiangsu Narmal University (1982)

  Journal Articles:  ”Study on the Current Situation of Internet-based Sports Teaching Platform in“211 Project” Universities”,”A Study on the development of the Middle Blocker and Second Setter in Modern Woman Volleyball Games”,”Analysis of the Present Information Construction of National Provincial and City Sports Design Courses”,” Characteristics of sports life span of athletes in China’s leading technical and tactical Olympic events”
  Books  Integration of information technology and physical education curriculum
  Honors and Awards

Academic Title

Member of the Jiangsu Institute of Sports Science