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health promotion and research centre of Jiangsu province

Health promotion and research centre of Jiangsu province (hereinafter referred to as center) is affiliated to Nanjing Normal University by department of education in Jiangsu province, established as the provincial student physique health promotion and research institution in December 2010. The main task is to undertake the monitoring and scientific research work of the physical health of students in Jiangsu province, to carry out the physical health of students to promote academic research, provide policy suggestions and advice for the government. At the same time, the center also bear the students' physical health promotion, the scientific research project management, high level academic exchange, teachers’ training, social services and so on. The center, based on the student physical health promotion in the field of scientific research, with high quality research for the government and social services, tries to improve the students' physical health level of Jiangsu province.

The center has preliminarily established the students’ physical health survey and evaluation, health promotion, physical education curriculum reform, school health education, student nutrition intervention, health promotion, the relatively complete disciplines such as ecology system. The research work of the Center uses team research pattern, inviting experts home and abroad in various research fields as members of expert group, at the same time to absorb the backbone of middle-aged and young scholars in the field to establish corresponding research team.

Research center director:

Experts: professor Chu ZhiDong, professor Zhou Bing has done, professor Chen Pei-you