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A Brief Introduction To College of Teacher Education

As the southern cradleland of Chinese teacher education, Nanjing Normal University has been bloomed into a comprehensive university with distinctive feature of teacher education.Based on the background of synthesizing subjects, and the national requirement of setting a flexible modern teacher education system, Nanjing Normal University set up College Of Teacher Education in 2005, which  comply with the tendency of professionalizing teacher education. Aiming at cultivating “future educationist”, with the integration of teaching, researching, administrating, and service,  College Of Teacher Education make every effort  to create an influential and demonstrative base for cultivating pre-service teacher, a base for cultivating in service teacher, and a research base on researching teacher education theory, which embody the concept of building a brand new “teacher education+university”of an teacher education system in comprehensive university.

In order to improve the quality of training and teachers' professional level of teacher education, integrate the teachers education resources effectively, and make each disciplines complementary for each other, from 2010, Nanjing Normal University  divide the 10 disciplines including the Chinese language and Literature (normal), mathematics and Applied Mathematics (normal), English (normal), history (normal), the ideological and Political Education (teacher), computer science and Technology (normal), physics (normal), chemical (normal), Biological Sciences (normal), Geography Science (teacher) into College Of Teacher Education for enrollment and management. Besides, College Of Teacher Education and other relevant college cooperate with each other for cultivating students. In this way, a two-way straightening training mode and mechanism was founded.

At present, college of teacher education has four session of nearly 2000 college students. Besides, the assignment and management of students who majored in music education, physics education, art  education, and educational technology’s teacher certification .

According to the Nanjing Normal University requirements of improving and strengthening teacher education , in 2005, college of teacher education  set teacher education master's degree and "4 + 2" mode towards basic education under education science disciplines  independently, which is the first example in domestic. In a new round of academic degree setting adjustment and full-time comprehensive professional degree reform pilot process, in 2011 our school  divided Chinese, Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Politics, History, Geography, disciplines teaching professional master degree which related to the teacher education , and Curriculum and Teaching Instruction discipline(included nine direction) of degree  into College of Teacher Education ’s management.

By promoting recommended enrollment to the master degree, and "4+2" mode reform,  at present, our college has a full-time master students and  in service master students for more than 1 thousand . During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, our college actively explored setting teacher education professional doctorate authorization, make effort to create a three levels of teacher education system including undergraduate, master and doctor, and set up  the future educator cultivating base.

To be in accordance with  the students cultivating mode reform , and strengthen the cultivation of teacher education team and young teachers training of each discipline, in 2011 our school  remove the teachers who are specialized in different discipline as a whole into College of Teacher Education, and pay attention to the introduction of overseas students and brilliant talent, support ing young teachers to go abroad or to the University of high level for exchange visits. Implement the "go into the basic education project", and carry out the various kinds of form of teaching research, teacher training, and education research. Currently, our college has 64  in-service staff, including 44 full-time teachers, who are responsible for teachers' professional training work. They are the  excellent teaching team  constructed by the school. Every of them are the excellent specialized teachers selected by school .Our college also has a large number of practical tutor team, leading by "people's educator" training object, and composed of excellent teacher and superior teacher.  

Relying on the Nanjing Normal University Teacher Education Research Institute the and Nanjing Normal University Research Center of Basic Education, with the aid of the joint research team composed of university teachers, teachers in basic education and experts in the administrative departments of education, our college has obtained brilliant achievements in high level research projects and the publication. The Basic Education Research Center of Nanjing Normal University is responsible for the compilation and publication of the Almanac Of Chinese Basic Education which is a important project of Basic Education Curriculum Center of the Ministry Of Education Of China.teachers and students of our college achieved fruitful results in applying National Natural Science Foundation, National Social Science Foundation, provincial and ministerial level projects, provincial education reform project, and publishing teachers education monographs,   authorative journals, SCI, EI, CSSCI journals .

Genre of teacher education discipline in our college is the key undergraduate discipline construction projects in Jiangsu provincial,  and the intelligence microteaching training system co-constructed by central governments and local governments , provincial demonstration center of teaching skills training center have been constructed.The reform of teachers education substantialization, high-ended, and integration won the 2013 Jiangsu Provincial grand prize of Teaching Achievement Award (Higher Education section). In 2013, eight series of teacher education high-quality textbooks include Teacher Leadership, child development and learning, secondary education basis etc.was published by Beijing Normal University Press. And three teacher education courses were listed in the first batch of the list national high-quality teacher education resource sharing course. Since 2008, normal students  in our school won the first prize for many time in the "Challenge Cup", National Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in modeling, National Universities Language Basic Skills Competition, the National undergraduate art performances, “Toshiba cup” the Ministry of education - China Normal University Science normal students teaching skills innovation competition, and Jiangsu Province normal students teaching basic skills competition etc., which shows the superior quality of being teachers. In recent three years, the employment rate of normal school students was 95%, 97% and 94%, and the excellent rate was up to 90% in the school students taking practice.

Our  attach importance to carry out  talent training exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, we have carried out exchange visits, extensive academic exchanges and exchange students and other activities with the United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other well-known educational institutions at home and abroad. In 2006, the first "teacher education discipline construction seminar" was held in our college, which has become an important advocate of the discipline construction of Teacher Education in China.