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Academic Events

2016 Graduates Entrance Ceremony in School of Teacher Education Successfully Held

On the afternoon of September 5, 2016, the entrance ceremony of the 2016 graduates in the School of Teacher Education were held in the Yifu Building Lecture Hall on Suiyuan Campus of Nanjing Normal University. Yang Zuodong, Dean of the school, Zhang Jie, party secretary, Liu Gensheng, deputy party secretary, Wang Lixin, vice president, Wang Tao, vice president and other college party leading group members, as well as representatives of the subject teachers, graduate secretarial, postgraduate counselor and 223 graduate students participated in the ceremony. A practical instructor Zhang Suwan, party secretary of Nanjing No.1 Middle School on behalf the school was also invited, The ceremony was presided over by the vice president of the college, Wang Tao.

Mr. Zhang Jie, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, gave a speech to congratulate and warmly welcome the new postgraduate students on behalf of the School of Teacher Education. He expressed his expectations on the students: “people, teacher, and learning". That is, when people grow, a person's success is in the first place the success of self-cultivation. Secretary Zhang hopes that the students in the next few years and maybe the last stage of life in the system of learning, have courage to break through their own, go beyond their own, and harvest new growth. Teachers should have professional knowledge, social responsibility and national responsibility, and to meet the "four teachers" standard line. In order to learn to break through the stage of study, the graduate students should explore to create new knowledge, cultivate professionalism, and complete the transformation of youth once again. In the face of the change of the learning environment at the postgraduate level, we need to face our own feelings, learn to be responsible for our own study, be familiar with create learning, service learning, and set learning goals, change learning methods. We should put strict demands on ourselves, and firmly establish the deal faith of love for education.

Dean Yang Zuodong put forward expectations for the new graduate students of “love of education, rigorous study, and positive practice” in the final speech. He said that as future people's teachers, we should not only to teach, but also to call for justice. A teacher only with a generous broad-mind can teach and educate people on a more stable way. As the future people's teachers, in order to go further on the field of education knowledge and academic expertise, we must accumulate a wealth of knowledge of a discipline and become proficient in innovative teaching, which is an indispensable components of teachers’ qualification. Only by working hard in practice class can a teacher improve her teaching profession.

Zhang Suwan shared his own learning experiences in NNU with the graduate students and congratulate the new students who chose Nanjing Normal University, and chose the School of Teacher Education. Zhang encouraged all the Masters of Education to cherish the time in university and reinforce professional knowledge in order to become solid education workers in the future by combining of education in middle schools. At the same time, she also warmly invited graduate students choose to apply to work in Nanjing No.1 Middle School.

Ma Liya, the representative of tutors, shared her thoughts from studying and life, her humorous language causing laughter and applause from time to time. In learning, she suggested that graduate students must first establish their own knowledge system, at the same time to ask themselves, "Why choose to this major?" She believes that the choice of teacher education means to explore the true meaning of education. Secondly, to do research from wide to narrow direction of the discipline. Again, it is recommended that graduate students to write more, might as well write chicken soup, to know how to share with others spiritual experience. Finally, she gave graduate students a trick that one can drill in one particular field, and try to walk in front of the students. In the aspect of life, Ma suggested we should manage our emotions and time with examples. There are poems far away as well as hard work present. 

Chen Yi, secretary of the graduate student party branch, asked, "Do you care about your physical and mental health?" "Do you still have a bit of enthusiasm?" "Have you planned you graduate life?"  She use these three questions to share some of her feelings and express her expectations on the new students. Sun Mingzhi, representative of the new students expressed the excitement and expectations of graduate students learning life.  

After the opening ceremony, Yang Zuodong, Dean of the school and Wang Tao, vice president talked about the requirements and expectations on the new students. Professor Yang gave a brief account of the historical evolution of teacher education in the past century, and illustrated the development of China's teacher education reform from "normal education" to "teacher education" in recent years, with the theme of "Progress and Reflections on China's Teacher Education Reform" Yang further analyzed the connotation of the general secretary Xi Jinping’s  "four-have teachers". Wang Tao, in his speech, urged the students to grasp the learning opportunity, spend a meaningful graduate student time with high ambitions and diligent spirit.   

Graduate students from the School of Teacher Education will live up to the ardent hope of teachers, upholding the development concept of "learning as a future educator". In the new path of learning, they will be unity and enterprising, writing a new chapter in Nanjing Normal University’s history.