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Academic Events

2017 Master Graduate Students Graduation Commemorative Activities and Garden Party of the School of Teacher Education Held

On the morning of June 14th, Nanjing Normal University, with the Suiyuan campus Yifu Building hall full of flowers and warm atmosphere, the teacher education college 2017 master graduate graduation commemorative activities and the park will be held here. Teacher education teacher Dean Yang Zuodong, teacher education school party secretary Zhang Jie, teacher education college deputy party secretary Liu Gengsheng and academic tutor, practice instructor representative, college administrative work teacher attended the event. 2017 session full-time master's degree graduates and some student families participated in the event. The graduation commemorative activities by the teachers of the party committee deputy secretary Liu Gengsheng.

First of all, the teacher education teacher Dean Yang Zuodong teacher to all the graduates to send sincere, touching message. He highly appreciates the academic achievements, achievements and achievements of the graduates during the school, and recollected the growth of the graduate students and the college. Second, hard study, realistic and innovative; third, face up to setbacks, the courage to challenge; Fourth, the first time, Heart of the alma mater, often go home to see. Yang Yuanchang's speech is deep, touching, which is full of expectations and wishes for the graduates, won the bursts of applause from the presence of graduates.

Then, full-time graduate students on behalf of the subject of teaching (Physics) Chen Yi students speak, she deeply recalled in the park with the school bit by bit, expressed for the alma mater's nostalgia, for the tutor, practice tutor and counselor Teachers of the deep gratitude, for the students of the infinite blessings, some words simple and deep, tells the voices of graduates. Subsequently, the mentor of the various disciplines have left the message board for the graduates of the message, whether it is full of hope, or full of affectionate blessings, earnest encouragement, gave the students left a deep impression. Outstanding representatives of graduates to the teacher presented souvenirs, expressed the gratitude of the mentor and blessing. 

Parting does not hurt, youth does not graduate. The graduation commemorative activities to change the past solemnly serious form, adding a garden project, so that graduates in a happy and harmonious atmosphere to revisit the campus bit by bit, thanksgiving teacher and alma mater, leaving unforgettable memories. Whether it is promised to the future of postcards on the future write their own words, or chisel on a small blackboard to re-examine the text, whether it is plastic seal that goes on a ten-year leave, or creative student card Take pictures of the KT board, or answer, ring, Han clothing camera, all of the graduates are moved endless.