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Academic Events

2017 Nanjing Normal University Normal Students Training Workshop was Held

The Provincial Department of Education, deputy director of the Department of teacher, researcher Xu Lijun attended the symposium and gave a speech, related person in charge from the provincial 13 prefecture-level city Board of Education personnel (teachers) department and our school education office, College of Teacher Education attended the meeting.

The symposium was chaired by the president of the College of Teacher Education, Yang Zuodong. The Vice President of the College of Teacher Education Zhou Xiaojing introduced the preparation work of the 2014th , 2015th grade teacher education practice and trainee work. Participates in the education bureau of the teachers gave full recognition of the professional quality of our school, and expressed that will, as always, to support the normal students in the teaching practice and trainee work. Participants also exchanged views on the connotation of future educators and the recruitment of basic education teachers, and made suggestions for improving the training work of normal school students.

Xu Lijun stressed that the education practice is a key part of "institutions - education administrative departments - practice schools" trinity to train teachers to practice, and needs the three parties to strengthen exchanges and cooperation. He introduced the general situation of teacher training in the province and the training plan for normal school students during the 13th Five-Year Plan period.

Fu Kangsheng expressed his gratitude to the City Board of Education for their support and help in the training of normal school students. He pointed out that becoming a good educator requires not only solid professional knowledge and good professional skills, but also a strong sense of social responsibility. Fu Kangsheng said that the school will fully absorb the valuable advice and suggestions, to further improve the training of our normal school students, and continuously improve the quality of personnel training.