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Academic Events

2017 NNU Education Practice Mobilization Meeting Held

June 14 afternoon, 2017 South Normal University Education Practice Mobilization Conference was held in Xianlin campus. Vice-Chancellor Fu Kangsheng attended the mobilization of the General Assembly, the Office of Academic Affairs, the Faculty of Education, the Academy of Education, the Academy of Physical Education, the Academy of Music, the Academy of Fine Arts and other departments and the relevant person in charge of the college. All the interns led the teachers, counselors and the 2014 class 15 professional teachers to participate in the event.

The conference was chaired by Zhang Jie, Party Secretary of the Teacher Education Institute. The teacher education institute dean Yang Zuodong from the internship time, internship location, internship content, internships and other aspects of the arrangement of the basic situation of education practice this year, and for the various disciplines teaching practice and class teacher internship content specific requirements, from lectures, Assessment, student guidance, experimental teaching and other links to provide a detailed guidance. He hoped that students during the internship to strictly abide by the practice of discipline, to understand the status of basic education reform and development, learning education and teaching knowledge and skills, secondary school management system and procedures to carry out educational surveys, training secondary education research ability, teachers in the professional development.

Internship school instructor representative, the NNU Affiliated Experimental School Director Sun Qin combined with their own guidance to new teachers, recruitment of new teachers work experience, and the students share the current school recruitment of teachers on the requirements and expectations of candidates, Students should take full advantage of the practice of practice opportunities, so that they have a good practice experience and personal qualities of the "skilled", "veteran", "suction hands." He encouraged students to cherish the internship opportunities, and actively exercise their own communication, language expression and classroom control and control ability, to maintain the attitude of learning with an open mind, to lay a solid foundation for the future smooth work.

Internships, 2014 English teacher Li Yujie students in the speech called on everyone in strict accordance with the General Secretary of the four proposed "lead people" to complete the standard of education practice, to comply with discipline, obedience arrangements, humbly ask for advice, down to earth, explore Innovation, individualized, love students dedicated to fulfill the sacred duty.

Fu Kangsheng expressed affirmation on the high spirits and wish the successful completion of the internship task. He pointed out that the education practice is a comprehensive learning for normal students, comprehensive display and comprehensive assessment, for the growth of normal school is of great significance. Fu Kangsheng on the work of education practice put forward specific requirements: one to humbly ask for advice, down to earth; two love to work, as a teacher; three to actively explore, focus on reflection; four to safety as a heavy, He also stressed the safety awareness during the internship and rigorous practice attitude, encourage students to keep in mind their identity, strict requirements, temper yourself, improve education and teaching ability.

After the mobilization of the General Assembly also held an internship into the course, internship training group leader and lead the work of the guidance of teachers, interns for the relevant work to do the next well prepared.