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Academic Events

2018 Postgraduate Farewell Symposium was successfully held by College of Teacher Education

2018 postgraduate farewell symposium of College of Teacher Education was held at Suiyuan campus at 3 p.m. on June 6. Distinguished guests and attendees included Zhang Jie, secretary of the party committee at College of Teacher Education, Liu Gengsheng, deputy Party secretary, Liu Jian, deputy dean of College of Teacher Education, Gu Jiling, Cao Zhijiang and Cheng Ping, representatives of subject teachers, Wang Xin, postgraduate counselor and student representatives.

Mr. Liu Gengsheng made an opening speech and expressed his sincere wishes for students’ successful graduation. After that, representative students of each subject delivered speeches, recounting their past campus life and expressing gratitude to the teachers and students. These growing experiences became the drive motivation for them to continue to practice their ideals and make contributions to the college. Meanwhile, the students put forward some suggestions to the college for its better development.

Representatives of subject teachers also expressed their sincere expectation and gave advice to the students in terms of students' personal development and life. Students were expected to maintain their reflective quality, develop their unique personality and inherit the spirit of Nanjing Normal University. Teachers sincerely hoped students would strive to be research teachers and never lose their academic ideals, which should be taken as their life goal; students could take care of all kinds of students in their career, especially backward students. Teachers wished students happiness to learn to live and learn to love. The students were deeply touched and showed their thankfulness and determination that they would never fail to live up to the hopes and expectations of the college and teachers.

At the end of the event, student representatives sent teachers greeting cards to express their gratitude. The teachers and students took a group photo to mark the occasion and the postgraduate farewell symposium ended in a relaxed and warm atmosphere.

Hope postgraduates of Grade 2018 can bear teachers’ instruction and suggestions in mind, stay true to their original self and never forget their original intention in their future life! (Picture&Text / Cheng Ran)