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Academic Events

2019 Internship Seminar of Teacher Education in Nanjing Normal University was Held

Recently, 2019 teacher education internship seminar of our school was held in Wuxi, Huai'an and Nanjing, respectively, to discuss the 2019 undergraduate education internship and postgraduate education postgraduate education internship in our school. Relevant leaders of the school, School of Teacher Education and the heads of various internship schools have participated in the conferences.

The Nanjing Education Internship Seminar chaired by Ye Zhong, Dean of the School of Teacher Education, was held in our school. Vice Principal Fu Kangsheng attended the ceremony . Zhang Jie, secretary of the Party Committee of the School Teacher Education, gave a welcome speech. Gu Jiling, assistant dean of the School of Teacher Education, explained the arrangements for educational internships and trainee work on the specific content and requirements, management and evaluation.

The heads of the participating schools have affirmed the practice of students in our School of Teacher Education. They believe that students in Nanjing Normal University is hardworking, diligent and serious, and has excellent teacher professionalism and solid subject professional knowledge. The person in charge of each school said that they will strictly follow the requirements of the implementation plan of the education internship in our school, and carefully organize and arrange the internship work for the teachers in our school. They will select academic leaders and key teachers to instruct teachers and students to practice internships, and do a good job in ensuring the working conditions of interns, office, accommodation and other aspects of living conditions. Participants also made suggestions on the evaluation of internship performance, the comprehensive quality training of normal students, the research consciousness and the cultivation of research ability.

In his speech, Fu Kangsheng expressed his gratitude to the participating schools for their support and help to our school's educational internships and trainee work. He pointed out that educational internship is a key practice link for the training of normal students. The educational internship experience will have an important impact on the future career of teachers. The internship work needs constantly reform and improvement with careful consideration. Our school will seriously study the valuable suggestions put forward by the participating comrades, and integrate them into the training program for teachers in our school, continuously improve the education and teaching work, as well as the quality of professional training for teachers.