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Academic Events

College of Teacher Education attended the Closing Ceremony of the 20th Postgraduate Scien-tech Cultural Month and Open Day of Health Campus Activity

On the afternoon of May 18, the closing ceremony of the 20th Postgraduate Scien-tech Cultural Month and the open day of Health Campus activity were grandly held at the sports center of Xianlin campus, Nanjing Normal University. Liu Gengsheng, deputy Secretary of party Committee, and Wang Xin, postgraduate counselor, both attended the activity. After the efforts for more than one month, teacher education college won the awards for Outstanding Organization and Best Popularity; Sun Jie, chairman of the college graduate student union, won the award for Star of Scien-tech and Culture.

The open day of tutor-graduate activity began after the closing ceremony of Scien-tech Cultural Month. The activity was aimed to enrich the campus culture concerning sports and health and enhance physical fitness of tutors and postgraduates. The teachers and students of our college actively participated in the fun sport competitions and showed the elegant demeanour of the teacher education college.

The game “Ariadne's Thread” required the participation of two groups from each college and the group was made up of one tutor and one student. Tutors guided students, who was blindfolded, to walk around the obstacles in the track and complete the tasks. The first group to arrive at the destination became the winner. Mr. Liu Gengsheng and Miss. Wang Xin attended the activity. In the competition, teachers issued precise instructions to guide the journey and constantly encouraged students to overcome the fear of darkness. Both groups achieved good results through the tacit cooperation between tutors and students.

The game “Same Boat” was more exciting and fierce. Each group rushed to deliver cyst plates while the audience cheered for the players with full enthusiasm. Our college teachers and students retained composure and kept calm, demonstrating excellent coordination and cooperation ability.

The graduate student union of teacher education college has won great support from college leaders, teachers and students in this Scien-tech Month. The series of competition activities for the Health Campus open day not only enhanced the friendship between teachers and students, but also aroused their awareness of healthy life and enthusiasm for sports. Hope teachers and students of teacher education college can make excellent academic achievements and lead a better life!  (College of Teacher Education: Picture & Text/ Cheng Ran)