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Academic Events

College of Teacher Education Carried Out an Activity Relating to the Training and Experiencing of Bakery Skills

On the afternoon of December 1, College of Teacher Education held an activity relating to the training and experiencing of bakery skills in Jinling Bakery Training Center which was in SuiYuan Campus of Nanjing Normal University. This activity was organized by the labor union of College of Teacher Education. All the teachers in the college were involved in the activity. 

When the teachers came to the baking center, the professionals there first briefly introduced to them a few kinds of pastry-making methods and matters needing attention. Then they told the teachers the type of pastry that they needed to make during this activity and the machine and production process involved in making them. After learning some baking knowledge, teachers couldn’t wait to have a try. After the preparatory work was done, the teachers were divided into several groups. They worked in several team and started to make biscuits. The cold weather could not stop their enthusiasm for making biscuits. Each teacher is immersed in the fun of making biscuits. They mixed the flour, stirred, pressed and molded the biscuits. Pieces of shapeless paste were pressed in the molds and turned into bears, cats, stars, clouds and other shapes. Some teacher made biscuits in the shape of the Chinese character “shi” which means teacher. Some teachers made biscuits in the shape of "2018", indicating that the new year was coming. What was the most exciting was to see the self-made cookies taken out of the oven. The teachers shared the cookies with each other and exchanged their baking experience. The whole activity ended in laughter.

This training and experiencing of bakery not only helped the teachers of College of Teacher Education learn baking skills, but also gave them a different life experience in their busy work, which brought more pleasure to this winter. (Li Xiao from College of Teacher Education)