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Academic Events

College of Teacher Education held a summer conference on social practice mobilization in 2017

On the afternoon of May 26th, Nanjing Normal University Teachers College of Education Science held the “Striving to genuine knowledge,Dusing division will”-- Teacher Education College summer social practice mobilization meeting in 2017 which is host by Teacher Education College Youth League Committee in 401 school Xianlin Campus minglou. Members attended the meeting with Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League School of teacher education teacher Liu Gengsheng, Youth League Committee Secretary teacher Zhijing, Deputy Secretary of Youth League Committee teacher Li Xiaoliang teacher, 13 grade instructor Wangying, 16 grade instructor Guochao, all members of the Youth League Committee and all grade 16 students of each class representatives.

The conference is host by the Youth League practice department director Zhang Jinjuan , and is divided into four parts: Party Secretary Liu Gengsheng speech, excellent team captain Zhou Shuyan mobilization in previous years to share experiences, SSDPP Wang Junjiao taught practice report writing skills and practice of youth minister Cui Haoxiang stressed this year's summer social practice note.

Before the conference, the mobilization meeting broadcast the 2016 meeting of teacher education, "hold a sincere heart, with the book of summer”: summer social practice highlights the practice. During the practice, students participated actively and served enthusiastically,which has achieved fruitful results. Through the production of sophisticated video display, the students have a lot of understanding of the forms and contents of social practice, encouraging the enthusiasm of students to practice.

First of all, Secretary Liu Gengsheng combines his own experience with emphasis on the necessity and importance of College Students' social practice in summer. Secretary explained the necessity of all personal experience by asking students "morning sky bright time" , so as to further emphasize the importance of College Students' social practice in summer, also pointed out that as a college student, we should not only learn useful knowledge, but always mindful of the affairs of the state and social as the practice is one way to achieve this goal. The speech by Secretary Liu Gengsheng greatly strengthened the students' determination to participate in the social practice in summer.

Subsequently, in order to make the students of grade 16 have a more specific understanding of summer social practice, the conference invited three experienced students to further introduce the relevant content of summer social practice. First of all, student from the 15 grade English class whose name was Zhou Shuyan shared students with her experience when she led a "fun, practical experience full of love education” in Jiangyin pioneer volunteer team. She express what they saw from the preparation, to implementation and summary. The interaction with the children during the activity left a deep impression to her, which also let the students feel happy to participate in the summer practice. Then, the student from the school of social development history class 14 whose name is Wang Junjiao introduced the detail matters which is related to writing practice report from the report of the characteristics, types, function, content and structure to show how to write a good practice report. At the same time, she also emphasized the rigorous language and other problems, making the students have a accurate understanding on the writing of the practice report. Finally, the student from the Communist Youth League whose name is Cui Haoxiang talked about the parts that students should pay attention to in the summer social practice activities from making a team to finish the report which must had benefited students a lot .

Three students shared their experience and let the students have a complete understanding on the summer social practice. This mobilization conference is over. "Practical knowledge, down-to-earth, produce high perspicacity in social practice, to test knowledge, practice teacher ambition, perseverance, do not forget their aspirations, to effectively undertake normal play." I believe that this conference must have let the students have more understand on the social practice in summer. Hope that the students will do their best, finish the summer practice successfully and better the college life in the next summer practice! (College of Teacher Education: Qianyi Gu,Shi Yuan)