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Academic Events

College of Teacher Education Successfully Held 2017 annual "Star Fire Master" Class Style Contest

In order to inherit hundred years of normal school tradition and create a new era of teacher education, School of Teacher Education in Nanjing Normal University successfully held  "Star Fire Master" class style contest, one of the "Read teacher for you" campus culture year activities, on June 1 evening in Guang Yue music hall ,Xian Lin campus.

This year is also our school's 115th anniversary celebration. When reviewing  115 years of school history, we can see that school motto :“Correct virtue and care students, study hardly  and work quickly”and the school spirit:“preciseness, Simplicity, striving, devotion”have inspired our students forge ahead for many generations. In order to carry out the school history, school motto and school spirit, to explore the new model of “Class-League branch ”, to cooperate with the School Students Affairs Office to do real, good work on student work, the School of Teacher Education held annual" Star Fire Master" class style contest with the help of School Students Affairs Office, School Youth League Committee and College Party committee, College Youth League Committee’s help. The contest invited the division chief of School Students Affairs Office: Li Li; the secretary of the Party Committee of our college :Zhang Jie; the deputy secretary of Youth League Committee of school :Zhou Wei; the deputy secretary of Communist Party of our college: Liu Gengsheng; the secretary of Youth League Committee of our college: Zhi Jing; the deputy secretary of Youth League Committee of our college: Li Xiaoliang  and other counselors in our college to come to the scene and serve as judges. The excellent class monitors and class group secretaries also observed the contest and served as public judges.

Celebrating school anniversary and building dreams, the group continue with the past and open up the future

Nanjing Normal University has long history and shiny Inheritance. As the "educator" and “dreamer" in the future, our college use the group style contest to show the achievements of “Integration of the class and League branch ”and the spirit of Nan Jing Normal University students to inherit history. We bring fruitful achievements and creative display to our school as her 115-year-old birthday gift .

To actively respond to the " Enhance Vitality" project which has been conducted by Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China and improve the "Integration of the class and League branch "model, the contest set two parts:  "Group Style Show" and "Mission Branch Campus Culture Activities Show and Reply ".The contest also divided freshmen and sophomores into 2 groups and 10 classes.The classes, combining with class characteristics, showed the new model of "Integration of the class and League branch " from many aspects: the group building, style of study, system construction, cultural construction and so on. Before the competition, Zhang Jie, the secretary of the Party Committee of our college, delivered a speech. He pointed out that the proposal and practice of the concept of "Integration of the class and League branch "  was inseparable from the guidance of the school Students Affairs Office and School Youth League Committee. Also, the promotion of this pilot project needs strong support from the relevant organizations and young students. In addition, he affirmed that this contest has great meaning on improving the concept of "Integration of the class and League branch "and promoting the construction of the Communist Youth League in our college and our school. Finally, Zhang Jie wished this contest success and hoped that every class could play out style and carry forward characteristics in the "Integration of the class and League branch" .

Building Groups Together, Star Fire Masters Showing their powers

Showing the youth of students and displaying the elegant demeanour of classes. After the warm heart video, the brilliant "teacher radio" opening show opened the prelude to this competition. Ten classes spoke out their unique "voice" in a brief, lively form, which left a new impression on the audience . Young and energetic, they showed their class glory.

After the opening show, it was time for each class to show and reply. Fruitful results, exquisite creativity and  class interpretation were condensed to only 10 minutes.16 Chinese Language and Literature Teaching class combined "statement" with "performance" closely, interpreting the achievements of "Integration of the class and League branch "with vivid body language and words this year. They used group activities to lead values and creative management to enhance class cohesion, comprehensively promoting "Two learn one to do learning education". 16 Math Teaching class used "collective hand shadow" to show branch characteristics. In the darkness, countless shiny hands and beating hearts became shiny because of the collective power. All I pursue is independent personality. 15 Ideology And Politics Teaching class ,who had free thinking, woke up the patriotic consciousness of young students by a collective recitation《Young Chinese Saying》,displaying the courage of their class. 15 Chinese Language and Literature teaching class found another way to show themselves, they used simple language and refined display to show strong cohesion. A song of the Han Dynasty, a dance called "Sheng Shi Hong Zi", carrying the spirit of the group.

Inheriting Star fire, setting sail, remembering school motto and showing style . With the end of the show from 16 English Teaching class, this contest was also nearing the end. At last, 15,16 Chinese Language and Literature Teaching class won the first prize , 15 Ideology and Politics Teaching, Chemical Teaching and 16 Math Teaching, English Teaching won the second prize, 15 English Teaching(major changed), Physical Teaching and 16 Ideology and Politics Teaching, Physical Teaching won the third prize. All other classes in School of Teacher Education were honored.

The success of this competition is not only the celebration of the 115th anniversary of our school, but also a collective display of "Integration of the class and League branch" in our college this year. In the future, our college will continue to promote the "Integration of the class and League branch " construction, and actively respond to the Central Committee’s calling. We will always follow the principle that "Organizations follow young people, building groups in the young students," and approach the young students. Be positive, be together. We will advance with the times and create new era, and constantly enhance the cohesion and vitality of grassroots group organization!