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Academic Events

Guardian Angel, the Youth League branch tutoring activity of the freshmen majored in Chemistry Education of the School of Teacher Education

On the morning of May 24th, the freshmen majored in Chemistry Education of the School of Teacher Education successfully held the Youth League branch tutoring activity of Guardian Angel in the Xueming Building. This activity made students feel the friendship and warmth from classmates and enhanced the class cohesion.

On the evening of May 17th, two psychological members collected the wishes of students, and sent them to students anonymously and randomly. Then, the one week activity of Guardian Angel started. On the morning of May 24th, it was time to reveal the guardian angels of the students. The activity started in Xueming Building. The host let students speak of the classmates they had guarded and the guarded students speak of the wishes their guardian angels had realized for them. Some students had given their angels small gifts, while some had had a warm chat with their angels. Some of them also chose to accompany their angels on a trip. During the activity, the guarded angels also had posted what their guardian angels had done for them on social media like QQ Zone to express their gratitude, which was very touching. In a word, all the guardian angels had tried their best to fulfill the wishes of the students they had guarded. Each little angel who had been guarded also fully felt the warmth and love from the classmates. After the solemn and stirring reveal ceremony, the league branch secretary, Jiang Shuang, made the final concluding comments on the event. She said this activity enhanced the friendship between the students and let students feel full love, which was very touching. The most important thing was that it helped to enhance the class cohesion, making the Chemistry Teaching Class develop towards a better future.

This activity had the most active participation of students among all the Youth League branch tutoring activities that the Chemistry Teaching Class had held. All the students did what they could for the angels they guarded. This not only made students feel warm from their classmates and friends, but also made the class more united.