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Academic Events

Having You on the Road, Expressing and Discussing—— the Welcome Party to 2016 Graduate Students of College of Teacher Education Was Held Successfully

On the evening of December 23, the 2016 graduate students' welcome party of the College of Teacher Education was held at the Building Yifu Auditorium. The director of the College of Teacher Education Yang Zuo-dong, the deputy secretary of the party committee Liu Geng-sheng, the Party Secretary of the School of Physical Education Zhou Hai-zhong, the vice president of foreign language college Wang Yong-xiang, and Shen Hao-ning, Cao Zhi-jiang, Chen Xian, Yang Yue, Tang Zhen Gang of our college, the Minister Kong Hui, Jiang Hui, from the Department of employment guidance center and college research secretary, graduate student secretary, graduate counselor attended the party.The party was planned all by the freshmen, students from ten professions performed on the same stage, and the whole party was brilliant and there was climax after another. Teachers and students celebrated together to welcome the coming new year.

The party was planned after a month’s careful preparation, and the college leaders have been highly valued and offered strong support. Each program came through layers of selection. Teachers have joined the program to create a harmonious atmosphere between students and teachers. In order to present you a better performance and to reflect the characteristics of the faculty of teachers and disciplines, all the performers actively and constantly improve their performance in spare time and practice over and over again. Everyone devoted all the enthusiasm to this event, and behind the part a party teachers and students paid countless efforts and sweat.

With the topic “Having You on the Road, Expressing and Discussing”, the party can be divided into three parts: moving on and cherishing, think far away from the grace and Mulan blossom. Scenes, comedy, solo, dance, the programs are varied. The opening flash video "Try" brought the atmosphere to the climax. The discipline teaching physics class dance "villain dance" was fresh and funny, and won the audience’s bursts of laughter. Discipline teaching math class’s essay "new version of the White Snake" conveyed the wishes of the lovers. Li Yunlin and another student showed guitar performing and sang the song "wonderful gentle".. The magic "miracle carnival" by Zhang Yulin warmed the atmosphere by frequent interactions with audiences.

At the beginning of the second chapter , which worth especially mention is the teacher and the students’ dance-- "etiquette of the state", it revealed our deep and beautiful traditional rituals. Discipline teaching history class brought the comic "who is a sister", the creative form attracted the audience bursts of laughter. The dance "Testing Dancing" by the students from Discipline teaching biology class and teacher to perform together, the cheerful rhythm reveals a firm friendship between teachers and students. Discipline teaching ideological and political education class  interpreted the essay "urging", and revealed the deep thought of some social bad customs. Then the WeChat draw session brought the party into the climax.

Finally, in the final chapter "Mulan Blossom", Secretary Liu Geng-sheng sang a Huai Opera fragments "couples both home" with the two students,and created the atmosphere of teachers and students having fun together. The dance "Cups" from the three-year class brought the glass and light together creatively and full of  dynamic feelings. The Drama "Snow White" integrated the characteristics of the discipline with a variety of small chemical experiments, which was quite eye-catching. The sketch "peacock southeast fly" was from the subject of teaching English class. It had the twists and turns vividly and led to constant laughing . The Dean Yang Zuo-dong brought a "Heaven Road" for everyone and reflected the teacher's demeanor from his gestures. Finally, the students from the subject of teaching geography brought the chorus "Hankou West Road" to convey the love of graduate students’ life.

The party end perfectly in the song, and all the students of 2016 expressed their cherish and hope for the future through the party. This party highlights the vitality of our students, and launched a new graduate student life. It not only shows the students excellent artistic sentiments and the attitude of excellence, but also lets the students appreciate the college teachers’ elegant style, as well as enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the graduate school students.