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Academic Events

Internship Momentum Mobilization Conference

On the afternoon of June 21, Nanjing Normal University's 2019 Education Internship Momentum Mobilization Conference was held at Xianlin Campus. Vice Principal Fu Kangsheng attended the mobilization meeting, as well as the instructors of in charge of the Academic Affairs Office, the School of Teacher Education , School of Physical Education, School of Music, the Academy of Arts and other related departments, teachers of all educational internships and representatives of the 2016 undergraduate internships. The 2017 undergraduate trainee representative and the 2018 master intern representative participated in the event.


The conference was chaired by Zhang Jie, secretary of the Party Committee in School of Teacher Education. Ye Zhong, Dean of the School of Teacher Education, specifically deployed 2019 education internships in terms of internship time, internship school arrangement, internship content, and pre-internship preparation, and put forward specific requirements for internship content such as subject teaching internship, class teacher internship, and education investigation and research.


The teacher of the internship school, Guo Yong, the academic director of the Experimental School of the Nanjing Normal University, fully affirmed the performance of the previous teachers in the internship. Taking his own experience as an example, he put forward valuable suggestions in terms of learning consciousness, learning attitude, and learning methods, and encouraged students to seriously carry out educational internships and take the first step in the career of teachers.


Intern's Representative Shi Yitong , 2016-level student of Chinese Education appealed to us from four aspects: “cherish the opportunity, actively get involved in”, “emphasize the time, cultivate the ability”, “go deep in to class, get familiar with the system”, “organize the investigation, start the research”. The use of a serious and pragmatic attitude to mark the beginning of the teacher's career fully demonstrates the outstanding spirit of the students.


In the mobilization speech , Fu kangsheng pointed out that the ability of educational practice is the core of teacher literacy. Interns in the internship school must adhere to the school motto spirit of  and do a good job of changing roles from students to teachers. , complete the transition from theoretical study to educational practice. Fu Kangsheng put forward three requirements for undergraduates and postgraduates who are going to the internship in education: First, make first step in the internship career. Secondly, have a "respect" in the internship, and develop good habits in the internship process. Thirdly, be sure of your ability and believe in your own strength.

After the mobilization of the conference, the school also held a practice introduction class and a work conference with teachers leading the internship .