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Academic Events

Jinling Academic Forum of mathematics was successfully held

On the morning of April 2, 2019, the lecture on the mathematics subject forum of the Jinling Education Academic Forum of the Institute of Teacher Education of Nanjing Normal University was held in 501, Xueming Building, Xianlin Campus, Nanjing Normal University. This forum invited professor Yu Ping from the School of Mathematics and Computer Science of Nanjing Normal University. Mr. Yu Ping gave a lecture entitled “Mathematical Learning Psychology CPFS Structure Theory” for graduate students of 18 subject teaching (mathematics).

At the beginning of the lecture, Yu Ping and his classmates discussed the relationship between teaching and knowledge. He believes that the types of knowledge are different and the methods of teaching will be different. How are different knowledge stored in our minds? In response to this problem, Yu Ping systematically introduced the representation and cognitive structure of knowledge to the students, which further deepened the understanding between knowledge and teaching.

Then, based on the learning of mathematical concepts and propositions in the classroom, Yu Ping asked the students a question: What is the difference between definition and concept? In order to solve this problem more clearly, Yu Ping explained the meanings of concept and concept, proposition and proposition, and explained their characteristics and relationships by enumerating several typical cases. At the same time, Yu Ping pointed out that the structure of concept domain, concept system, proposition domain and proposition system is called CPFS structure. He emphasized that the formation of CPFS structure by individuals is the basis of knowledge understanding. The CPFS structure integrates knowledge and methods, and the CPFS structure contributes to the storage and extraction of knowledge.

Finally, under the guidance of the theoretical framework of the CPFS structure, Yu Ping explores the following four main problems with several specific empirical research cases. They are the detection method of CPFS structure, the existence of CPFS structure, the relationship between CPFS structure and mathematics learning, and the teaching strategy of perfecting students' CPFS structure. The students have benefited a lot and actively consulted Yu Ping on the basis of the questions of interest in the lecture. Yu Ping patiently answered questions and gave his own ideas and suggestions. The teachers and students interacted closely in a strong academic atmosphere.

This forum aims to strengthen the understanding of the CPFS structure of mathematics learning psychology, and apply it flexibly to future teaching practice. Education is an eternal undertaking. Classroom teaching is an eternal subject. I hope that students will continue to study and be brave in exploring and make unremitting efforts to become a good teacher of the people! (Teacher Education Institute: Tu / Wen Feng Qi)