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Academic Events

Nanjing Normal University "Love Spring Bud" winter camp in Houbai Middle School successfully held

From January 16 to 17, "Love Spring Bud" winter camp was successfully held by School of Teacher Education of Nanjing Normal University in Houbai Middle School in the City of Jurong.

On the opening ceremony, deputy secretary of the School of Teacher Education Liu Gengsheng, Jurong party secretary Jiang Jiawen, Houbai Middle School principal Liu Changting and student representative Wang Bei respectively made speeches.Deputy Director of Education of Jurong Liu Zhiping, Mayor of Houbai Zhang Mingfei, deputy mayor Xu Yan and counselors of the School of Teacher Education attended the ceremony.


The theme of this winter camp is "love spring buds - care for girls left home", consisting of three parts: the transmission of Chinese civilization, learning for the modern women, and following the social etiquette. The single-parent girls who are benefited by the activities are in the important stage of physical and mental development, and in particular, need to start from a female perspective of the spirit of health guidance. Volunteers of practical activities take this as the starting point for the students to establish sunshine optimism, diligence, unity and cooperation and freedom and equality of values.

During the course of the event, the volunteers explained the traditional customs and literary anecdotes to the students, such as "the traditional customs I know", "the Spring Festival couplet", "poetry in my heart" and "when the story will be". The volunteers are humorous, while students are in a relaxed atmosphere listening to stories. The "learning for modern women" teaching links, volunteers through the "write modern women", "feminism", and "cultural construction of women" did help to establish a high degree of national self-defense. Students in the group activities show themselves with self-acceptance, a sense of independent women's consciousness; "Following the social etiquette" is the issue that the students concerned about. Volunteers highlight the "life etiquette", "Fight for civilized people" and "perfect social from me" by explaining the etiquette and simulation of social links, trying to help the students learn how to meet people, understand the respected civilized etiquette in contemporary society, and feel the traditional Chinese virtues.

Volunteers with their own experience of students earned the resonance in those activities, conveying a new concept in the process of interaction, as well as practicing the educational philosophy of "teaching and learning". In the two days, the students broadened their horizons and increased their knowledge. Volunteers also enriched their own experiences and honed their teaching skills.

As the name of the winter camp "love spring buds" has implied, the students are like budding buds, and our volunteers will do their best to contribute to their healthy growth.