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Academic Events

Nanjing Normal University's educational seminar on the normal school students' internship in Wu Xi, Huaian and Nanjing in 2018

During May 17 to May 21,2018, Nanjing Normal Universitys educational practice seminar about the normal school students was held in Wuxi, Huaian and Nanjing respectively to discuss the educational practice work of our universitys grade 2015 normal school students and the educational trainee work of our universitys grade 2016 normal school students. Fu Kangsheng, one of the vice-presidents in Nanjing Normal University, attended this meeting with relevant responsible people in the College of Teacher Education and the responsible people in charge of the educational practice of all practice schools.

The meeting was presided by Ye Zhong, Dean of the College of Teacher Education. Zhou Xiaojing, assistant dean of the College of Teacher Education, accounted for this years working arrangement of the educational practice and probation about its specific contents and requirements, management and evaluation, etc.

The responsible people of all practical schools participating in this meeting spoke highly of our universitys insistence on carrying out the educational practice work for the normal school students rigorously and normatively and they thought that the normal school students in Nanjing Normal University were modest, studious, diligent, earnest and they had solid knowledge of discipline and specialty and good teacher professional qualities. All the schools indicated that they would continue to strictly follow each of the rules and regulations of our universitys implementation plan for educational practice and probation and do the educational practice and probation work well as before from the aspects like the management of cadets and trainees, vocational study, living conditions guarantee and so on. The participants also advised on the evaluation of practice achievements, normal school students specialty cultivation, enhancement of bilateral cooperation in teaching, science and research, etc.

In the speech, Fu Kangsheng thanked all practical schools for supporting our universitys educational practice and probation work. He pointed out that an excellent normal school student not only possessed solid knowledge of subjects and professions, professional standards and competence, but also strong teachers educational literacy and teaching ability as well as good ethics of teachers. Normal school students development of practical ability requires coordinated cooperation between universities and practical schools. Our university will carefully study all the suggestions and proposals raised by practical schools, make great efforts to improve and perfect normal school students training work and concentrate on training good teachers meeting the needs of the times who have ideals, beliefs, moral sentiment, solid knowledge and merciful hearts.