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Academic Events

NNU 2017 Teacher Education Practice Seminar held in Nanjing, Wuxi and Huai'an

On May 24,25,26, NNU 2017 normal students education practice seminar was held in Nanjing, Wuxi and Huai'an, to discuss our school 2014 normal school students and 2015 normal education teacher training internship work. Vice-Chancellor, Party Committee Standing Committee Fu Kangsheng, together with the Office of Academic Affairs, the relevant person in charge of the School of Teacher Education and the person in charge of the internship education practice attended the meeting.

Mr. Yang Zuodong, Dean of the School of Teacher Education, and Zhang Jie, Secretary of the Party Committee, gave a welcome speech and briefly introduced the participants on the basic situation of the training of normal school students in recent years. The relevant person in charge of the teacher education institute gives a detailed description of the work arrangement of the internship and trainee on the specific contents of the internship, internship guidance, internship attendance, accommodation arrangement, discipline management and practice evaluation.

The school principals participating in the meeting gave a high evaluation on our school adhering to the strict and standardized practice of normal education, for our school students in the internship show modesty, diligent, solid professional work and high level of plasticity. They will keep strict accordance with our school education practice and trainee implementation of the provisions of the program, continue to support our normal school students in education practice and trainee work. At the meeting, some of the internship school in the guidance of normal school students during the practice of some successful experience and the participating schools were shared. Participants also put forward suggestions on the aspects of internships and the number of students, the guidance of college teachers and internship teachers during the internship guidance.

In his speech, Fu Kangsheng expressed his gratitude to the internship schools for their support and internships, and pointed out that the education practice was the key link in the training of normal students and needed the formation of "UGS" by the university and local education administrative departments and internship schools three-in-one "training mechanism, the three sides need to continue to study and improve the training model. He also stressed that the teacher's moral qualification is directly related to the healthy growth of young people in the education practice to strengthen the practice of teachers to cultivate the same time, but also to attach importance to the cultivation of teachers and students of moral training and experience.