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Academic Events

Our college held the teacher skills contest for all graduate students

On the evening of March 17th, the competition of brush, chalk and pen writing of the graduate students' teaching skill contest was carried out on the third floor of the Dianjiao building. The event was hosted by the College of Teacher Education, which attracted more than 500 graduate students from various colleges, including 305 from College of Teacher Education and 255 from others.

Teachers skills contest is a school-level contest for all the students from Nanjing Normal University graduate school, and is divided into "three kinds of writings", micro classes, teaching design. The "three kinds of writings" includes pen,brush and chalk writing. During the day of the event, the contestants are required to sign in half an hour before the start of the competition.

After the moderator read the rules of the game, the contest began. First, the pen writing is limited to 5 minutes. Once the on-site staff began to chase, the players started writing, and strive to the beauty of Chinese characters and neat to show their best level. Followed it is the brush writing match, which was limited to 20 minutes, the players bring their own brush and ink, and the paper was provided by the organizers. Everyone wrote freely and highlighted the art of Chinese characters. The last chalk writing was limited to 3 minutes. Players were waiting in the waiting room, and then under the guidance of the staff, in a group of six people, they write in turn. The list of winners will be announced at the website of College of Teacher Education. Awards will be set according to the actual number of entries.

The "Three kinds of writing" contest enhances the writing consciousness and ability of the students,  and provides a chance to show themselves, learn from others and lay the foundation for teachers of the future.