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Academic Events

Our college won the success in the 2015-2016 school health education competition

On the afternoon of March 20, Nanjing Normal University 2015-2016 annual mental health education work commendation meeting and 320 mental health education week opening ceremony was held in Xianlin campus Fangfei lecture hall . Our college was rated as advanced collective of the mental health education , and the Dexin psychological weather station of our college was rated as excellent psychological weather station, and the teacher Zhi Jing was rated as advanced individual of the mental health education , 4 students were rated as excellent psychological weather Station cadres and excellent psychological meteorologists.

Our college has attached great importance to the mental health education of college students, the organizational mechanisms are perfect , and the working characteristics are distinct , and the achievements in mental health education are remarkable . Our mental health station is a young and dynamic organization, the establishment is not long, but it has won many awards, especially in this evaluation. In the meeting, the students' representatives of the colleges received the awards and took pictures.

At the meeting,  the representatives of the awarded college came to elaborate on the practical difficulties encountered in the work of mental health education and the practical results. At present, teachers and students need to jointly build a three-level network to maintain mental health, and the psychological weather officers play an important role as a bridge to link the teacher and students. Therefore, the training and assessment of the staff is particularly important, which also raises a high demand for the staff, to strive for solving problems for classmates , timely detect bad signs, and encourage students in need of psychological counseling, make mental health an universal state.

Finally, the Director of Jiangsu Province college students mental health education expert guidance committee and professor of Nanjing University Sang Zhiqin delivered a wonderful speech, which expressed fully affirmation and earnest hope to the school's mental health education work. The Dexin psychological weather station of  College of Teacher Education will continue to move forward under the leadership of the school station!