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Academic Events

President Chen Guoxiang gave the first lesson for Grade 2018 normal students: "learn to be an educator".

Teacher education is the foundation of our school. Since 2010, this has become a routine for the principal to give the first lesson for all normal school students at the beginning of each school year. On September 14, the first lesson of Grade 2018 normal school students with the theme of "Aspirations and Planning of Normal Students: Learning to be an Educator" taught by the Professor Chen Guoxiang -- the principal of the school, started at Xianlin Campus. The first lesson was attended by 1079 undergraduates majoring in normal education, 385 postgraduates and related professional teachers from 14 colleges.

The report was hosted by Zhang Jie, Secretary of teacher education college. At the beginning of the activity, Chen Guoxiang expressed the joy of meeting the normal students again and expressed condolences for their painstaking military training. Subsequently, Chen Guoxiang began  from his own teacher's ideals and started a vivid communication with normal students as a "senior". He defined the two concepts of "normal education" and "teacher education" for his students, and emphasized the importance of "teacher education" for every normal student.

Starting from the context of Teacher Education in China and focusing on the development of Teacher Education in Nanjing Normal University, Chen Guoxiang narrated the course of Chinese education from the late 19th century to the present. After the mid-19th century, the Westernization Movement developed science and technology, set up schools, and established school should "start with normal schools". The establishment of Nanyang Normal University in 1896 marks the beginning of modern Chinese teacher education. By the 1920s, China's modern teacher education system, which was jointly developed by comprehensive universities and teachers' colleges, was initially formed. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, with the adjustment of colleges and universities, comprehensive universities and normal colleges began to differentiate, forming a teacher education system specially trained by teachers' colleges and universities. After the reform and opening up, many specialized colleges have developed into comprehensive universities, and comprehensive universities have begun to train teachers. Beginning in the late 1980s, China began to break the original independent closed teacher education system and gradually formed an open and comprehensive teacher education system. In the new century, the establishment of an open and flexible modern teacher education system has become "When water flows, a channel is formed" and has become a necessity for historical development.

Chen Guoxiang focuses on the development trend of teacher education, focusing on the reform of Teacher Education in Nan Normal University. In 2005, our school set up the College of Teacher Education. In 2010, the College of Teacher Education was materialized, and a talent training mode of "co-cultivation, bi-directional reinforcement" was established. The College of Teacher Education has continuously innovated the teaching mode of pre-service and post-service education for teachers, and vigorously implemented the excellent teacher training program, and has achieved a series of outstanding results. On the other hand, the reform is also facing the challenges of the times. With the advent of the intelligent era, the state's reform of deepening the teaching staff, and the need for high-quality and high-level teachers in elementary and secondary education, higher requirements have been put forward for the current educational form and teachers functions. In order to meet the various challenges, our school takes the national teacher education reform as the guide, takes "strengthening the discipline and professional basis" as the direction, implements a new round of teacher education reform, and strives to improve the teacher education talent development mechanism and safeguard mechanism. From this year on, teachers' professional students will be transferred to relevant professional colleges for jointly cultivation, and continue to improve the "excellent teachers" through the training of undergraduate normal students, and establish preferential selection mechanism for undergraduate normal students. People in Nanjing Normal University have made unremitting efforts to cultivate future educators.

Finally, Chen Guoxiang introduced many educators in our school's history as well as in contemporary times who made outstanding contributions to the development of our school and the progress of education in China. They inspired students to understand and think about what an educator is and what qualities a real educator should have. Chen Guoxiang encouraged all normal students to take "study to be an educator" as their goal, strengthen their educational aspirations, be brave in pursuing excellence, and carry forward the spirit of earnestness. Besides, the president urged students to cultivate high morality and spirit of innovation, realize comprehensive promotion with the help of school tradition, and strive for educational innovation.

Chen Guoxiang gave the lecture of the first lesson for Grade 2018 normal students, which greatly benefited and encouraged all the students.

 This class has strengthened the "teacher's dream" of the normal school students, pointed out the direction and provided motivations for them to become outstanding teachers and future educators from the excellent normal school students. The students of Nanjing Normal University, adhering to the school motto of "decorous morality, courteous reception, diligent learning and quick action" and the spirit of "learning high as a teacher, being a model of integrity", will surely be able to keep their feet on the ground, study diligently and innovative practice in their college life, and make constant progress towards the goal of outstanding teachers and future educators.