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Academic Events

Prof. Peter Hlebowitsh, School of Education, University of Alabama, USA, visited our school.

On the morning of June 20, Prof. Peter Hlebowitsh, Dean of the Alabama University School of Education, visited the School of Teacher Education. The President of the Faculty of Teacher Education, Academician Yang Zuodong, extended a warm welcome to Peter Hlebowitsh on behalf of the College. He introduced the basic situation of the College and pointed out that the two schools had a good foundation for cooperation in various fields such as personnel training, teacher development, discipline construction, curriculum teaching , Hope to jointly promote bilateral cooperation, promote the international development of the College.

Prof. Peter Hlebowitsh gave a detailed account of the general situation of the University of Alabama and hoped that through this visit, we would further enhance the links between the two schools and strengthen the interconnection between the two sides in terms of teachers, students, teaching and management. Prof. Randall Schumacker of the Alabama University School of Education and Professor Joy Burnham, Director of the International Exchange Office, also expressed the desire to cooperate, saying that the Alabama University School of Education would like to work with our institute to promote international exchanges and cooperation and establish a good partnership.

After the friendly negotiation, the two sides have established the 2 + 1 Talent Training Mode, promoted the professional development of teachers, carried out academic research and so on. In terms of personnel training, the two sides established a 2 + 1 personnel training cooperation mechanism, the excellent graduate student of the excellent teacher program went to the University of Alabama to study a semester to study two courses in the direction of teacher education in different disciplines, and to elect two online courses during the course of the country. The results were certified by the University of Alabama. At the same time asked to go to the United States graduate students to the local primary and secondary school internship for more than two weeks. In the area of teacher development, the Alabama University School of Education welcomes faculty members of the Faculty of Teacher Education as visiting scholars and provides assistance in life and learning. Teachers College of Education each year to invite the University of Alabama well-known professor to our hospital lectures, exchange of guidance, and jointly promote the professional development of teachers. In terms of subject construction and academic research, teachers from both sides work together to carry out translation, co-writing papers, one-on-one cooperative research to form high-quality influential research results.

It is reported that the University of Alabama is a well-known American state-level public research university, education in the United States in the forefront of the visit will certainly promote the international development of our hospital to enhance the level of international education teacher education.