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Academic Events

Seminar of 2019 on the orientation of rural teachers in Jiangsu Province was held in our school

In order to further improve the quality of rural teachers' with orientation training, the 2019 Jiangsu Rural Teachers' Orientation Training Seminar was held on June 10, 2019 at Nanjing Normal University. Xu Lijun, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Education, and the relevant person in charge of the rural teacher orientation training school attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Ye Zhong, Secretary General of Jiangsu Province Teacher Education Professional Steering Committee and Dean of Teacher Education College of Nanjing Normal University.

Our province has started the orientation training of rural teachers since 2016. The undergraduate orientation students are cultivated by Jiangsu Normal University, Jiangsu Second Normal College, Nanjing Xiaozhuang College, Yangzhou University, Nantong University, Yancheng Normal College and Huaiyin Normal College. People in charge of the seven institutions in the meeting reported on the training of the schools in the past three years and exchanged experiences on the reform of rural teachers. All schools attach great importance to the training of orientation teachers, focus on cultivating the rural education of teachers and students, and build the characteristics of rural teachers. In the training, they are closely linked with the basic education schools and the Education Bureau of the students, forming a three-dimensional integrated system. Participants also discussed the problems and countermeasures encountered during the training process. Ye Zhong responded to these issues in four aspects: the revision of the talent training program, the opening of the local curriculum, the arrangement of educational internships, and the adjustment of the orientation training policy. He said that the committee will actively organize the revision of the orientation teacher training program and make research on the development of the rural education common curriculum.


At the end of the meeting, Xu Lijun arranged the internship work of the rural teacher -orientation student. He asked all training institutions to fully understand the significance of the educational internship work, to arrange special management and guidance, to produce the internship development manual, and to feedback to the local education bureaus. In this case, the internship can be completed in quality and quantity.