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Academic Events

The 2017 Outstanding Teacher’s Class of College of Teacher Education Visited the Museum

On Friday afternoon, October 14, the 2017 Outstanding Teacher’s Class of College of Teacher Education of Nanjing Normal University visited the Nanjing Folk Museum ( the Former Residence of Gan Xi). The cultivation of the Outstanding Teacher’s Class lays emphasis on humanistic quality and scientific literacy, as well as the combination of classroom learning and extracurricular practice. The students actively responded to the call of the class teacher vice-president Zhou Xiao-jing. This activity was carried out in order to learn the traditional folk culture of old Nanjing, enrich the extracurricular cultural life and enhance the relationship between each other.

About 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the students arrived at the destination, and entered in the museum orderly after the leader. The Former Residence of Gan Xi was built in Jiaxing Years of Qing Dynasty, and commonly known as “Ninety-nine rooms and a half”. And it is the largest and best-preserved private house existing in Nanjing. The house has the color tone of gray, white and brown, which is the Nanjing local architectural style, and it stands peacefully in the downtown.

Entering into the residence, the games with traditional culture like pitch-pot, beat-drum-and-clamp-coins aroused the interest of students. After the volunteer’s introduction, the students cooperated with each other, participated in the games actively and kept laughing. After that, the students stepped into rooms, just like opening the memories of history. The crossing paths, the long and deep tunnels and the osmanthe fragrance in the air made students come closer to the history. Among these rooms, the No.15 Nanjing traditional house showed students the entrance hall, the lobby, the chamber, the master room, the Buddhist Prayer Room, the bridal chamber, the boudoir and the study room, and helped students realize the ideas of housing in late Qing Dynasty. The No.19 picture show of Nanjing traditional houses showed the hall buildings along the Qinhuai river, the hall buildings and some exquisite building components like brick, stone carving, wood carving, and let students appreciate the elegance of Nanjing houses in Ming and Qing Dynasty.

In addition to the exhibitions in the hall, some artists also brought fantastic show of intangible cultural heritage skills, like making the round-and-round sugars, making dough figures and playing diabol, and these attracted the students. The students watched and appreciated them. Some students even interacted closely with these artists, learned the skills on the spot and experienced the long-standing and unique charm of the intangible cultural heritage skills.

Around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the activity was finished. The students took a group photo and went back to school together. This activity to visit the Nanjing Folk Museum is discussed and appreciated by the students, and has a positive impact on improving the construction of class culture and enhancing the class cohesion. We believe that this activity can arouse students’ interest in and concern on the related folk culture, and let students pay attention to the development of humanity and learn to improve themselves in an all-round way when studying their professional knowledge. ( text: Tang Chun-yan;  Picture: Gao Tong)