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Academic Events

The Academic Exchange Report of Students Majored in Physics Teaching was Successfully Held

On May 23rd, the Academic Guidance Center held the academic exchange report of students majored in Physics Teaching in Room 201, Xueming Building. Students from freshmen to juniors voluntarily attended the meeting. Mr. Lu Jianlong, graduate students Hu Yuchen and Shen Xingwei were invited to the report.

At the beginning, Hu Yuchen was invited to explain his experience of master’s dissertation defense and some accumulated experience to the students. Hu Yuchen showed the whole process of the graduate's dissertation from four aspects, including schedule arrangement, project selection, opening report and dissertation defense. Then, Pan Yifang, a senior student, shared his experience of graduation thesis defense which he had just finished with the students. His experience sharing focused on how to write good thesis and some tips of thesis defense. What’s more, he gave some suggestions to the students who would also face the graduation thesis defense in the future. Their sharing was of great help to the students' paper writing.

After that, Jin Yujie, a junior student shared her experience of the College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. This provided a lot of valuable experience for students who would set up new projects in 2018 and laid a foundation for more excellent projects to emerge in Physics Teaching class in the future. The next was Li Xiaojing who shared her opening report of setting up a project in 2018. She made a detailed introduction from their team project, the choice of their mentor to the project content, which set a good example for the students who participated in the College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program.

Zhou yangping had just achieved an outstanding result in the school-level Cupt academic competition. He showed the students a demonstration of the competition topic as the positive side. His report made students feel the strong academic atmosphere of physics and greatly aroused their enthusiasm to participate in academic research. Finally, Wu Yiye communicated with the students about the books she had read in the reading activity in her freshman year. This enabled the students to understand the true meaning of "the book has its own golden house".

At the end of the report meeting, Mr. Lu Jianlong made the summary and evaluation of this report meeting and put forward some suggestions for students' future study and life. Among them, he pointed out that such an academic conference would benefit students a lot, and the Academic Guidance Center should also develop this activity into a special activity of Physics Teaching class.

The academic exchange report of students majored in Physics Teaching was successfully finished. Hopefully, students could learn some experience from the meeting and broaden their horizons and the activity could continue to develop and improve.