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Academic Events

The Class 1406--mathematics and applied mathematics (normal) won the school "top ten demonstration class" title

On December 15 in the East Hall of Jingwen Library, after professional selections, the Class1406 -- mathematics and applied mathematics (normal) of College of Teacher Education entered the final competition of the ninth undergraduate students’ "top ten demonstration classes" of 2016, and eventually achieved the outstanding result of the third prize.

Totally 16 classes from 16 colleges took part in the final competition. In the demonstration part of class styles, every classes performed with their subject characteristics, and the climax came one after another. The Class 1406 used the “four plus six equals ten” and “ten sounds like teacher in Chinese” as a clue, and took the form of the dialogue between the ancient teachers and students. They divided the whole demonstration into four parts, and demonstrated the notable achievements in class construction from the perspective of the style of study, the system, the class atmosphere and the culture. At the end of the demonstration, the 86 students from the Class 1406 yelled out the class slogan and shocked all the audiences and judges, and it fully showed the strong cohesion of Class 1406.

This activity promoted the communication and cooperation between the students, enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the class, and demonstrated the vigor and vitality, healthy and progressive spirit style of students from College of Teacher Education. I believe that Class1406 will have a better development in the future .