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Academic Events

The Developmental Seminar"How to Be A Secondary School English Teacher Today" held smoothly

On March 13, 2017, at 1:30 pm, in Dianjiao Building classroom 306 of Nanjing Normal University , the College of Teacher Education invited the vice president of Yancheng Secondary School, the senior teacher and the national backbone teacher Zhu Jun to make a lecture on the theme "How to Be A Secondary School English Teacher Today" for the students major in English teaching. Pro. Xu Lixin presided over the lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Pro.Zhu talked about the process for new teachers to convert the role, adapt to the environment and understand and enter the teacher industry with her own experience. Then, Pro.Zhu made a comparison between "fantasy and reality" to show students the current situation of secondary school teachers, introduce the new characteristics of teacher growth and new challenges that teachers have to face in professional development.

Then, from the four aspects of the leadership, parents, colleagues and students, Pro.Zhu systematically explained the current requirements and hope for a "good teacher" from the society. Combined with the realities around, Pro.Zhu led students to think more about the teaching industry.

Finally, Pro.Zhu expressed her earnest hope for and good wishes to the future teachers, and inspired students to be a teacher who is full of passion and poetic.

All the students benefited greatly from the lecture and have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding towards how to be a good secondary school English teacher.