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Academic Events

The Exchange between School of Teacher Education of Nanjing University of Information Engineering and that of NNU has been carried out smoothly.

On the morning of June 5, the Teacher Team of School of Teacher Education of Nanjing University of Information Engineering came to Xianlin Campus of Nanjing Normal University to carry out exchange activities with our college. Li Xia, Deputy Secretary of the Party General Branch of the  School of Teacher Education of Nanjing University of Information Engineering, Guo Yu, Office Director, Jiang Guodong and Ouqian, who run the school, and Liu Gengsheng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the  School of Teacher Education of Nanjing Normal University, Wang Xin, Secretary of the League Committee, Level 15 Counselor Li Xiaoliang, Level 16 Counselor Guochao and Level 17 Counselor Wang Tianrui participated in the professional exchange activities.

Secretary Liu Gengsheng and a group of teachers of our college received the exchange team of Nanjing University of Information Engineering in Room 222 of Huacheng Building. Mr. Li Xia of Nanxin University and Secretary Liu Gengsheng of our college introduced the teachers who participated in the exchange. Then, the two sides exchanged and shared a series of information about the basic situation, historical background, advantages and disadvantages of their respective colleges on teacher education training and construction.


Firstly, Secretary Liu introduced the current situation of our college and the historical background of the teachers' specialty. Since its establishment in 2005, students in School of Teacher Education of NNU has been jointly trained by various colleges and teachers' colleges. After many explorations, in 2018, it was decided to integrate normal students into colleges. At present, it is still exploring a better training program for normal students.


Then Secretary Liu introduced the situation of counselors, the source of students, the honor of students' work, the employment rate and the teaching concept of our college. In the aspect of student training, Secretary Liu put forward two requirements: one is to rely on teachers. Campus should focus on learning, all teaching as the center, student activities are only supplementary, not dominant. We should strengthen the construction of style of study and give full play to the role of teachers. Secondly, we should do a good job in students' work. Students' work should be coordinated with teaching activities, and the best resources should be used on students.


In addition, Secretary Liu also put forward specific work sections: First, the quality of people, especially the ideological and political quality training. Emphasis should be laid on the environmental propaganda of teachers' morality and style, while strengthening the cultivation of basic literacy, encouraging students to participate in various types of lectures and community activities; second, students' professional learning. Every semester, our college organizes a series of learning style construction activities, establishes a support system for students with poor academic performance, increases the rate of excellent examination and test, attaches importance to the practical ability of normal students, and encourages students to carry out social practice such as supporting teaching; third, academic guarantee. Schools and colleges provide financial support to students with family financial difficulties.


Then, Ms. Li Xia of Nanjing University of Information Engineering introduced the basic situation and historical background of Teachers' College of NUIE to the teachers of our college. The advantage of NUIE lies in the fact that it can introduce some famous teachers in primary and secondary schools to make teaching more flexible, while the disadvantage lies in its short running time and lack of historical reference. Mr. Li also introduced a series of professional ideological education of teachers' morality and style adopted by NUIE s Teachers' College. The school carried out a plan of excellence in learning, expanded students' skills in all aspects, and expressed the need to learn from the rich teaching experience of Teachers' College of NUIE .


Subsequently, Mr. Wang Xin, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of School of Teacher Education of NNU, further introduced the training framework of students in our college and the proportion of Party members in our research institute. Professor Wang Xin introduced that in the construction of style of study in our college, students are required to be on duty and equipped with tutors, and teachers' skills training should be strengthened, adopting the scheme of "horizontal plus vertical": "horizontal" is the skill test of the same grade. For example, "Three Words and One Word" test, speech test, teaching plan design and so on; "Vertical" is a teacher competition that can be attended by all grades. Such as: Internship League, essay competition, etc. In terms of campus culture, our institute actively carries out cultural, educational and community activities. Establish new media student organizations and develop creative products. In terms of social service and practice, our hospital carries forward its professional characteristics, carries out educational support services, and establishes a dual-track parallel volunteer service model for left-behind children. In terms of overall work, the College encourages students to innovate teaching aids and carry out all kinds of innovative lectures, because the sense of innovation and Entrepreneurship of normal students needs to be strengthened.


Next, Mr. Li Xiaoliang, a 15-level counselor, introduced to NUIE teachers the employment situation and trend of students in our college. The employment rate of students in our institute is on the upper middle level, which is generally optimistic and the quality of employment is better. At the same time, there are also some problems: first, the employment destination of students is single, most of the students flow to southern Jiangsu; second, there are great differences among different disciplines, the choice of employment outside the number of languages is wider, and the market demand is larger; third, the level of employment, mostly in junior high school. But the employment advantages of our students are also obvious: our normal students can be recognized by most schools, interview has advantages, good reputation.


The instructor of Grade 16 has introduced the basic situation of Grade 16 students and the management mode of Grade 16. First, from the general branch of the League to the class committee to students to dormitories for hierarchical management. Because of the imbalance of the number of subjects and classes, students' self-management and self-supervision are the main means of management. Establish an evaluation system to mobilize the enthusiasm of student cadres and implement the floating system of student scoring: the class committee is scored by students and the corresponding teachers, the work of the class and group is scored monthly, and the top ten class selection is linked to class honor; the second is to carry out network management, including one-stop platform and class change construction, which not only saves teachers' labor, but also develops a school-specific online management system. In the construction of new media, our institute has established its own journal, produced various kinds of cultural products and its surroundings independently, enhanced the sense of belonging of students, and strengthened the cohesion of students.


Finally, the 17-level counselor, Mr. Wang Tianrui, introduced the basic composition of the 17-level students, the students' participation in the 10 best classes and three-character competitions, and briefly shared with the visiting teachers of Nanxin University the organizing situation and experience of the students' activities in our college.


This activity has promoted the in-depth exchanges between the Faculty of our university and the Faculty of Nanjing University of Information Engineering, strengthened the contacts between the two sides, understood the basic situation of each other' s school-running teaching and related aspects, and promoted the development of teachers' specialty. At the same time, the existing problems were discussed in the exchange, and the current situation of the college was better understood, so as to promote the absorption and reference of excellent school-running experience. It is hoped that on the basis of this exchange, Nan Normal University and Nan Xin University will actively innovate, continuously improve, inherit the characteristics of teachers, carry forward the spirit of teachers, and cultivate more brilliant and outstanding educators of the people. ( School of Teacher Education: Liu Shuhan, Fan Zhou)