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Academic Events

The experience exchange meeting for the 16 grade history normal class of teacher education college was a great success

On May 26, the teacher education college history teachers' class level 16 successfully hosted the bartender research experience exchange, invited 15 senior senior teacher education college for the insurance research students to disabuse, every senior senior carefully prepared their own experience, the students listen to is also very serious at level 16, this activity has come to a successful conclusion.

In detailed analysis of its host MaiYi every students, the students against the policy trend of research and the requirements of college school have roughly understanding, yu-qi zhang senior to introduce the excellent plan related research situation, in itself, for example, she focused on excellence course inspection form and daily life, on excellence in the follow-up development and employment, have done serious explanation, detailed to introduce the students for their research experience and journey. Xu jiangping, a senior student, introduced the specific requirements of supporting education and research recommendation. Starting from the document interpretation, he pointed out the situation and requirements of supporting education and research recommendation, and patiently analyzed the data for the students and pointed out the direction. Cheng zhen senior and Yang qihui senior introduced the relevant requirements of general postgraduate recommendation. Starting from the data analysis of the postgraduate entrance examination, they pointed out the differences between master's degree, professional master's degree and rural master's degree. They also illustrated the selection of school summer camp with simple examples, and proposed some Suggestions for the interview and related preparation of grade 16 students. Later, they also had a simple conversation with grade 16 students to answer questions for students.


After the explanation of all seniors senior, the students of grade 16 history normal class have a relatively clear understanding of the current postgraduate recommendation situation. I believe that with the help of seniors senior's experience, they can successfully make postgraduate recommendation, achieve their goals and go to the ideal school. (faculty of teacher education: bao jie)