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Academic Events

The lecture on the language subject of the Jinling Education Academic Forum was successfully held

On the morning of April 11, the lecture on the language subject of the Jinling Education Academic Forum hosted by the Teacher Education College of Nanjing Normal University was successfully held in the 118th Hall of Honglou, Second Normal College of Jiangsu Province. The lecturer was given by the teacher of the Second Normal College of Jiangsu Province, Mr. Gong Ruyun. Mr. Gong gave a lecture entitled “Establishment of the paradigm: the proper choice of pragmatic turn” to all graduate students of the 18th-level subject teaching (language) of the Teachers College of Nanjing Normal University.

At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Gong gave an interactive discussion and exchanges with the students on the confusion of the selecting  the subject majors. He gave valuable opinions and suggestions to the different topics of the students. At the beginning of the lecture, he  ignited everyone's academic enthusiasm.

Then, Mr. Gong started from his monograph "Discourse Reading Teaching Theory" and combined his own teaching practice to explain the breakthroughs in the field of Chinese reading teaching research. It mainly elaborates from five aspects: "problem raising, discourse and discourse teaching, why to introduce discourse knowledge, and reading teaching must introduce discourse analysis and writing teaching must construct discourse paradigm". In the lecture, he shared an effective strategy for discourse research with vivid and detailed cases, emphasizing the value and importance of discourse reading research.

After the lecture, Mr. Gong took a group photo with everyone. The graduate students also asked Mr. Gong for the ideas and some difficult problems in their essay writing. The teacher also patiently answered questions and gave his own ideas and suggestions. Everyone has an in-depth exchange and ideas sharing, and the atmosphere is very harmonious.