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Academic Events

The Pedagogy Lecture of Jinling Education academic Forum was held smoothly

On the afternoon of April 11, the pedagogical lecture of the Jinling Education academic Forum was successfully held in Room 106, Yifu Building, Suiyuan campus. The forum invited the teacher Wang Jiaqiang, deputy director of the Institute of teacher Education of Nanjing Normal University, entitled "from 'skill training' to 'rational cultivation': the shift of the focus of teacher Education." Some graduate students and teachers of the faculty participated in the forum.

At the beginning of the Forum, the Dean of Liu Jian made an opening statement, and the Dean of Liu said his views on how to play the role of the teacher education in the study of the academic field, how to improve the academic level of the academic research and to create a good academic atmosphere. After that, the basic situation of the "to follow the teacher's words" series is introduced. The development direction of the training of the teachers is explained, and the activities of this series of forums are announced.

After that, Lu Jianlong, Ren Hongyan and Lu Liyun made key comments on the report, while the rest of the teachers added questions and exchanges. The forum came to a success.