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Academic Events

The Professor of Peking University Yan Xuanshen gave a lecture on teacher professional development for students majoring in Chemistry

On November 14th, the famous inorganic chemistry educator, Peking University professor Yan Xuanshen came to Nanjing Normal University and gave a humorous lecture on the professional learning and development to students majoring in Chemistry of Grade one and Grade four. The professors of chemistry teaching theory of College of Teacher Education and graduate students majoring in chemistry education attended the lecture. 

The lecture of Professor Yan mainly focused on the college entrance examination of chemistry, the professional learning of chemistry and how to be a qualified chemistry teacher. Students listened carefully and took notes seriously, and they sometimes interacted with Pro.Yan actively. The atmosphere was very lively and active.

When talking about the college entrance exam, Pro.Yan said that: “students only need to do 300 questions when preparing for college entrance exams”. And he explained that the papers of college entrance exam involve about 110 knowledge points every year and they are distributed in different plates of basic concepts. There are totally 27 difficulty points, key points and frequent points that are bound to appear on exam papers, and the number of questions appeared in college entrance for these ten years are about 300. If the students can make out all these questions, then they have a comprehensive review of the knowledge points and can cultivate the basic skills from it, and thus having a comprehensive review of the college entrance exam of chemistry.

As an inorganic chemistry educator, Pro.Yan showed his profound understanding of chemistry and his unique analysis towards concepts and combing of knowledge are clear and accurate. The simple examples on the textbook became a magic on his hand. After his instruction, students had a more profound understanding towards these knowledge. When it comes to “practice and make it your knowledge”, Pro.Yan mentioned the example of “The solubility made phenolphthalein into red”, and he told students that when doing chemistry experiments, they should be careful and serious.

In addition, Pro.Yan taught us to protect students’ confidence. As a teacher, to cultivate students’ confidence is a long and uneasy journey, while ruin their confidence just needs a word. Confidence is a very essential spiritual pillar for one person, as well as the innate motivation for human behavior. Pro.Yan told us that we should protect the students’ confidence, pay attention to our our words and behaviors and think from the students’ perspective, to effectively protect students’ self-confidence.

At last, Pro.Yan emphasized that we should cultivate students the ability of self-development and lead students to think independently. The thinking ability has a great effect on the students' thinking quality. Twenty-first Century has entered the era of lifelong learning, the key point is to cultivate the students that can learn by themselves, rather than train a group of learning machines that are thinking limited.

The lecture given by Pro.Yan gave students a lot of inspiration. After the lecture, students all expressed the hope that they will take Pro. Yan as an example, learn chemistry carefully, and try their best to be a qualified teacher.