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Academic Events

The “Red Candle” Youth Volunteer Association of the School of Teacher Education Successfully Held the Youth Activity of Love Dusk in International Care Centre of O Bao Ting

In the morning of June 2nd, Yang Ruofan, head of the project department of  the "Red CandleYouth Volunteer Association of the School of Teacher Education, and eight volunteers arrived at the International Care Centre of O Bao Ting on time to start the volunteer service.  

After communicating with the head of the center, today's volunteer service was divided into two parts. Some volunteers took the elderly out for a walk, enjoying warm sunshine and breathing fresh air. A volunteer from Xinjiang chatted with an old man about his hometown during a walk, talking about his previous experience of learning and comparing with the teaching in the Han region. He taught the old man how to say his name in Xinjiang dialect and introduced customs of Xinjiang to the old man. They had a nice chat and were wearing smiles on their faces. The other part of the volunteer service was indoors. As it was Children's Day yesterday, there were many children coming to the center to visit the elderly with their parents’ company. The volunteers guided the children to play with the elderly. The children were very active and played their own imagination to draw pictures with the elderly. They drew swans and streams and many interesting cartoon characters as well. Then, they played puzzle together. With the cooperation between the elderly and the smart children, they finally finished the puzzle. At the end of the activity, some children greeted the elderly with encouragement from their parents. They all had a good time today.

The time is always slipping away in the crack. A new month has begun again. I believe that the volunteers can do better in the new period and look forward to everyone’s growth.