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Academic Events

The "Red Candle" Youth Volunteer Association of the School of Teacher Education Successfully Launched the “'Unzip' Decompression Camp” Health Week Activity for College Students' Mental Health

On the afternoon of May 23, the "Red Candle" Youth Association of the School of Teacher Education successfully organized the "'Unzip' Decompression Camp" Health Week Activity for college students' mental health, in order to help university students relax their mind and body in the rest of their busy life and welcome new life in a better state. Therefore, a venue was set up in front of the University Student Activity Center in the West Campus of Xianlin Campus to carry out interesting activities so that everyone could diffuse stress.

After careful preparation in the early stage, the construction of the venue was completed and immediately attracted many students. The staff of the "Red Candle" patiently introduced the game process and guided the participants to begin to fill in forms about their troubles from one side of the venue, later on sealed them up with envelopes, and then entered the darts game. Students who had thrown darts and popped three balloons could receive their own special balloons. Students who had popped four balloons could receive different gifts. At the end of the game, there was finally a student who hit four balloons in a row. At the same time, he won the first prize and brought back the biggest award of the event. With the enthusiasm of the students rising, the purpose of the project was also realized. After the game, students not only released their own pressure, but also faced tomorrow with a new attitude. In this relaxed and happy atmosphere, the “Unzip Decompression Camp” college student mental health week activity has been a complete success.

The smooth development of this event not only provided a pleasant campus atmosphere, but also relaxed the students' body and mind. It was also a small care for the students' inner world. It was hoped that in the following life, the students could find a suitable way to relax, and could adjust their own pressure to become a physically and mentally healthy person.