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The research result of Su Ye, Master of Education in Teacher Education School was reprinted by domestic media like Xinhua net and Sina.

The research result concerning parent anxiety of a master of Education, Su Ye, who was admitted to College of Teacher Education in Nanjing Normal University in 2016, has been recently reported by Xinhua net , Jschina, Sina, Yangtse Evening Post, Modern Express, CNR News etc.

What kind of parents have a higher level of anxiety?

The result also found that the less leisure and entertainment time parents had, the more anxious they would be.

 (Time: 2017-11-07 Source: Yangzi Evening Post)

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The first Jiangsu Practice and Innovation Ability Competition for Masters of Education came to a successful conclusion in Nanjing Normal University yesterday. 75 excellent masters of Education were selected from the whole province and competed against each other in terms of micro teaching and exposition of micro issues. The examination questions were grounded, and the students paid their attention to the social hot spots like school district housing, second pregnancy, academic anxiety when they competed in the exposition of micro issues. This is reported by Yangzi Evening Post (Correspondent Xu Ling, Reporter Cai Yunqi).

More than 1000 parents received the examination of "anxiety".

75 contestants came from seven universities like Nanjing University, Nanjing Normal University, Nantong University, Yangzhou University, Jiangsu Normal University etc. The competitors were divided into four groups: preschool and primary school competition group, high school arts competition group, high school science competition group and combination group. The competition included two parts: micro teaching and micro subject. The reporter noted the subjects were the most popular topics about the current education, which were concerned with public life, including second pregnancy, school district housing, large class, academic anxiety etc.

The micro subject for Su Ye, a graduate in Nanjing Normal University, is "Parents' Anxiety about Their Children’s Study in Primary and High Schools". After one-month investigation and interviews, she wrote a report over ten pages. She issued questionnaires among more than 1000 parents, with 1192 copies valid. Su Ye found that parents' anxiety was related to age and education. Among the 1192 parents who participated in the study, the anxiety levels of 1188 ones were decreasing with age, except 4 parents over 50 years old.

Su Ye analyzed that young parents needed to go through the long way from primary school, junior high school to high school, while older parents, like the ones of senior high school students, only needed to worry about their children's college entrance examination. Hence, older parents’ anxiety level was weakened. Among the parents surveyed, the degree of anxiety decreased with the improvement of educational backgrounds. The parents who had higher education degrees tended to have better plans and arrangements for their children's education, and also knew how to relieve their anxiety, so their anxiety was of lower level. Su Ye found that the family monthly income was also one of the important factors that affected parents' anxiety about their children’s study. The lower the monthly income of the family was, the more anxious the parents would be. Su Ye’s investigation showed that there were various interest classes and tutorial classes and the high education cost made parent suffer a lot. On the one hand, it led to heavy financial burden; on the other hand, it made some parents feel guilty and anxious because they could not provide high quality education for their children, which often increased their anxiety. And if family members could get along well, happy and peaceful atmosphere would be generated in the family, which brought people pleasure. When family members quarreled about their children's academic achievements, parents would get anxious more easily. The results confirmed that parents' anxiety aggravated as the frequency of quarrels increased among family members about their children's academic performance.

The less leisure and entertainment time parents had, the more anxious they would be.

Su Ye also found that parents who had less time for leisure and entertainment were more anxious. Taking care of children limited parents’ time to communicate with friends and colleagues, or to develop their own interest and have entertainment, to a great extent. They were unable to give vent to their anxiety, so their anxiety status was terrible. At the end of the report, Su Ye put forward suggestions to reduce anxiety. For example, parents should not put all their energy and time on their children. Rather, they should have their own lives and interests. Talking with friends and developing their own interests and hobbies can be beneficial for them to relieve anxiety. Parents should adopt appreciation inquiries to realize the mutual improvement of both themselves and their children.

Yang Shubing, head of Graduate Education Department of Jiangsu Education Department and director of the provincial office of academic degree, introduced that Practice and Innovation Ability Competition for Masters of Education was intended to guide students to pay attention to social issues, foster students’ ability of innovation and practice, promote the comprehensive education reform of professional degree, improve the quality of postgraduates, and cultivate more applied talents of higher level. He said that at present, the ratio of professional and academic postgraduates in Jiangsu is 5:5. By 2020, the proportion of professional masters will be 60%, so the corresponding mode of personnel cultivation should be changed. "There are many innovative measures in Jiangsu. For example, we have established 4080 postgraduate workstations. Graduates must spend certain time working in workstations during their study. In addition, we also have a system called Jiangsu Professor of Industry. We invite technology leaders in companies to serve as industry professors in colleges and set up practical courses for graduates.”